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With a rumble in his stomach Yorrick has a couple of bites of jerky and a pull on his waterskin, he waits for the others to start moving and then he follows along. When they stop to fill their waterskins, he listens noting the location so he can do the same when he passes the spot.  He's not a fan of insects at the best of times, so he's a bit on edge - but he attempts to tamp down that worry and concentrates on staying far enough in back to avoid detection.

(His passive perception wouldn't pick those two, plus I rolled and it was even lower, so he is unaware)

2nd Granite 200AD (After Dammerhall)
Travel Day 2 (Lord Ningris Expedition)
Food: 19 Days for each dwarf (6 adventurers 18 retainers)
Water: 2 water flasks per dwarf (2 days water per dwarf)

With a woosh of displaced air the first Piercer drops into the pool of water next to where Lady Dalla was filling her water bottle, completely missing the startled ranger (to hit roll 1 crit fail).  The second Piercer doesn't miss but slams into the body of an unaware retainer (to hit roll 20 nat 20) piercing entirely through the poor dead dwarfs body (dam roll 17). 

The sudden death of their traveling companion shocks the entire expedition.  Within seconds though they are attacking the slowly moving Piercers in a fury.

Initiative rolls please!

Yorrick has taken a knee and is listening carefully to the others fill up, when he hears the splash of something large. He isn't sure what is happening, only that it isn't expected. He stands gripping his axe wondering if he should charge in?

(Init. roll is a  9 - so he ain't going first that's for sure)


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