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"Do the Shuffle!": a Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia

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Well, this is it kids... sanity's precipice. :cool:

This'll be a Play-by-Post where I am new to running Talislanta (viiiirgin!), and I hope most of you are too! (:o be gentle) So far the concept is mostly what it says on the tin.

I wanna test out a mostly RAW barebones Talislanta on its rather "high concept" world through a sword & planet world lens (pushes up my 'problem glasses'), with the twist of a disco soundtrack aesthetic instead of an acid heavy metal one. /pursed lips smirk

What that means is euphoric, flamboyant, and more than a touch shallow... also it's an excuse for me to post video links to cheesy videos and bad fashion. ;) (Yeeeees, we will have violence, too! :rolleyes: )

I dunno how many players are too many for Talislanta, but eh, if it can handle Stable of Characters playstyle like D&D (quick chargen, low PC attachment, can split up, regroup, and/or wander off into the sunset like Conan/Rastan) we can do that if there's a lot of players. (:o no seriously, please be gentle) So let's see a show of victims while I decide a starting location, any demographic & resource restrictions, and other world building context.

Pray for us all. :)

PS: ... yes, it should be "do the hustle." :p this is off to an amazing start! I have a good feeling about this, bring facial tissues. :D


Sounds awesome, my friend! I'm game! I have always loved Talislanta!

Semper Fidelis,


You got a seat, SHARK! :D Check out the latest Talislanta topic to get a sense of where I wanna go with this, and help me narrow down a culture & location! (And whisper a prayer for our sanity. :o)

insubordinate polyhedral:
I'd like a seat!

Also, which edition? :D

Doc Sammy:
Count me in.

Never read or played Talislanta but I want to give it a try.

Also the obligatory disco music....


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