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"Do the Shuffle!": a Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia

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The Witch-King of Ts√°mra:
Red Leader standing by

Want to check out Salt Devils?


Salt Devils! Sounds like a plan!

Semper Fidelis,


Chasing salt devils AND contact hallucinogens?  :o You all wanna put me work as soon as I come back.  8) I see how it is.

Give me a moment, insanity now loading...

Hope you all had a chance to say your fun rejoinders!  8) We're gonna soon start the second phase of the "blissin' out!" -- now with salt devils!  ;D

Your PCs'll be high as a kite for about half a day, but being high comes in different shades of functional. That's why I divided it into four stages, with the next three stages being quite playable (and the first stage weaponizable, wink, wink! ;)). For those who need an acting prompt ("what's my character motivation?") think: sensationally enhanced, yet still under the influence.

You guys did great, using IC logical responses to a bucket of unknowns.  :) I hope you do not feel I am unjustly surprising you. Just rolling probability of 'landport' drug deals gone wrong (very 70's & disco) while you guys lit up that hangar.  ;)

The Ride phase is gonna feel like everything just works! You're invincible, connected to the greater cosmos, fated to succeed, and all is wonderful even if staring down the face of nightmares. It's a loving oneness and overconfidence and 'in the zone' awareness... and a very real psychological attraction to these physiological benefits. It's the functional rush where you know you're performing better than you typically do. 8)

Haaave fuuun~!  :o ;D


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