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"Do the Shuffle!": a Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia

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Think I found a pic that best resembles Astlumia.

And of course Buubi.

 :o That must have taken ages to find such stunning matches!  ;D I appreciate the extra effort in seeking verisimilitude, and hope everyone else does too.


Awesome pics for sure!

Semper Fidelis,


Wait are Shark and I the only ones playing right now?  I been waiting on others.

 :-[ I honestly don't know. I poked you all, current, past, and new players because a lot of time passed with my ER, surgery procedure, and recovery.  :) We are doing our best and giving people time to come back after a very large unplanned GM absence.

You guys wanna poke some people, too?  ;D

Also, last big post showed rumors for sidequest runs before continuing onto the NPCs' requested rendesvous point. Any interest or moving merrily along?


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