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"Do the Shuffle!": a Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia

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Doc Sammy:
I'm really excited for this one. Lemme think of a good character, probably thinking of some kind of Amazonian fighter chick, just need to refine the concept a bit.

Sounds very good, Shark! Should be able to incoporate a Thrall nearly anywhere on Talislanta continent.

Doc Sammy, check out the Danuvian battle women. Seems to scratch your amazonian itch and will be from the starting scope I choose.

As for deciding that place... I choose you, the Wilderlands! (Specifically around town of Akmir, between the Desert Wastes and The Barrens, between distant Danuvia & Djaffa.)

The Wilderlands has a lot of scantily clad peoples mixed with flowy robes peoples, and a mix of alien, ruined, and decadent city-states all around. An excuse to start you in Mad Max Murderhobo-land and shuffle you around various 'discotheques' once you are 'dressed to kill' as it were.

Next, Campaign Purpose & Party Cohesion.

Campaign purpose is partying, violence, & vanity. Think "75%+ Off!" sales before a Friday night 3-day-weekend bender. There's no real "end game" in terms of leveling up, saving the world, or defeating a Big Bad Evil Guy; it's about 'killing it' at the clubs and being the best looking while doing it. Yeah, it's gonna be a shallow Heavy Metal magazine world with a bitchin' dancefloor soundtrack. :p

Party Cohesion... well, try not to kill each other, unless you are both wearing the same thing at a big event. :o I assume you will all be self-motivated to go forth, kill things, and take their prettiest stuff. :D But given I won't be doing anything like X Cards, speak now if you have certain delicate sensibilities we need to wrap in foam padding.

As for me, I will try to fade-to-black any excesses into NC-17/XXX, just as a courtesy to this website and this being a publicly viewable game. But... I am OK with riding that rated-R into fade-to-black edge. :) What you do for those shoes is mostly a story I am fine letting you tell. :p

Any other questions before we start chargen?


Yes, my friend. What are the nearby cities and towns? What are their names? Can you provide a prospectus on each of them, with political climate, cultural traits, mercantile traditions, and most prominent religions?

Also some overviews of the local wilderness and rural peoples, and any opposition factions or tribes. Their religions, culture, and politics.

Semper Fidelis,


Doc Sammy:
I'm eager for this. I know jack shit about Talislanta, mechanically or setting-wise, but I will look into getting the rules and setting info I need to know ASAP

Of course!  :)

Talislanta 2e Worldbook (the scholar looking guy cover). "The Wilderlands of Zaran" Chapter, pages 32 thru 43.

Should answer most of your setting questions. Further, I will be playing faster and looser than usual, so do not overthink the setting politics & culture too much. This won't be a social studies quiz so much as a fun romp through Heavy Metal Hurlant comic pages (yes Doc Sammy, restrain the manga tropes and play to the euro-comix ones :p).

That should cut most RPG reading to be location conversant down to 10 pages, plus system mechanics... which we'll mostly stumble along with some veteran help. :)


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