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Tom Kalbfus:
Jared Cuthbert casts magic missile at one of the three remaining orcs. A missile of magic energy darts forth from Jared's fingertips striking Orc 4 for [Roll]1d4+1[/Roll]->3 points of damage. Total accumulated damage for this orc is St/LB = 3/0.

Tom Kalbfus:
Orc 4 throws a javelin at Jared Cuthbert [Roll]1d20+1[/Roll]->13 hitting him, inflicting [Roll]1d6+3[/Roll]->5 points of Stamina damage with a total cumulative damage St/LB=5/0.

Orc 1 throws a javelin at Gwenna Antiope [Roll]1d20+1[/Roll]->18 hitting Gwenna, doing [Roll]1d6-3[/Roll]->0 points of Stamina damage, Gwena's armor and shield absorb all of the damage from the hurled javelin.

Theodore Ethbert casts magic missile, targeting the same orc that Jared Cuthbert hit, doing [Roll]1d4+1[/Roll]->3 points of damage to Orc 4 for a total accumulated damage of St/LB = 6/0.

Tom Kalbfus:
Gwenna Antiope loads her heavy crossbow and fires at the same orc that Theodore hit. [Roll]1d20+1[/Roll]->18. Gwenna strikes the orc doing [Roll]1d10-3[/Roll]->5 points of Stamina damage to Orc 4. The total cumulative damage to this orc is St/LB=9/2. The orc falls down unconscious.

Tom Kalbfus:
Ben Zeldem loads his heavy crossbow and fires at one of the two remaining orcs [roll]1d20+1[/roll]->19, Orc 1 is hit doing [Roll]1d10-3[/Roll]->3 points of Stamina damage with cumulative damage on that orc at St/LB=3/0.

Orc 2 hurls his javelin at Gwenna Antiope [Roll]1d20+1[/Roll]->14, javelin is deflected harmlessly by Gwenna's scalemail armor doing no damage..

Tom Kalbfus:
Lora Harold runs up to one of the remaining two orcs and swings her morningstar.   
15   hits Orc 1 causing 4 points of stamina damage.
Cumulative damage on this orc is 8/1, the orc collapses to the ground unconscious.   
Robart Mortana rushes up to the remaining orc and swings his short sword.   
14   hits Orc 2 inflicting 5 points of damage.
   The orc falls to the ground unconscious.


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