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Tom Kalbfus:
Theodore Ethbert attacks Orc 10 with another Magic Missile doing 3 points of Stamina damage.                           
Orc 12 attacks Ben Zeldem with his greataxe            19   and misses.            
Orc 10 attacks Lora Harold with his greataxe            9   and misses.            
Ben Zeldem   attacks Orc 10 with his Orc double axe,         7 and 17   hitting once, doing 7 points of stamina damage,            Orc 10 is dead.
Lora Harold   attacks Orc 12 with her morningstar,         2   and misses.            
Jared Cuthbert attacks Orc 12 with his quarterstaff               11   and misses.         
Gwenna Antiope      attacks Orc 12 with her Orc double axe, 5 and 13,             Hitting once and killing the last orc.

Total experience points accumulated by the entire party is 1950.
The amount of experience points needed to advance to next level is 6000.

The orcs are carrying a total of 13 silver pieces in their pouches. Each party member gets 2 so, Gwenna gets the 13th silver piece for killing the last orc and ending the combat.

Tom Kalbfus:
Lora Harold casts Cure Light Wounds on herself twice healing 8 and 5 points of stamina damage to herself.               
The party proceeds down the 3-meter wide staircase to the east moving 3 meters east and 3 meters down.               
Entering a 7.5 meter by 4.5 meter chamber, three orcs proceed through the passageway to the north into this room. They are armed with falchions and heavy crossbows.               
Initiative rolls:               
Jared Cuthbert      18
Theodore Ethbert      9
Gwenna Antiope      6
Lora Harold      5
Robard Mortana      5
Ben Zeldem      13
Orc 14      9
Orc 15      14
Orc 16      17
Jared Cuthbert      attacks Orc 16 with his quarterstaff,   10   misses.
Orc 16      attacks Lora Harold with his falchion,   23   hits doing   7   points of stamina damage.
Orc 15      attacks Theodore Ethbert with his falchion,   13   hits doing   11   points of stamina damage, since Theodore only had 9 points of stamina the last 2 points convert to Lifeblood and he is unconscious.
Ben Zeldem      attacks Orc 14 with his longsword,   21   hits doing   11   points of damage, killing Orc 14.
Theodore Ethbert      does not attack because he is unconscious.   
Orc 14      does not attack because he is dead.   
Gwenna Antiope      attacks Orc 16 with her longsword,   12   misses.
Lora Harold      attacks Orc 16 with her morningstar,   18   hits doing   6   points of stamina damage.
Robard Mortana      attacks Orc 16 with his short sword, 6   misses.


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