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D&D 3.5/Traveller T20 hybrid game

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Tom Kalbfus:
   Lora Harold      swings her morningstar at an orc,         18   hitting Orc   8    and doing   4   points of Stamina damage.
   Robard Mortana      swings his short sword at an orc,         11   misses.            
   Gwenna Antiope      swings her keen longsword at an orc,         9   misses            
Orc 9      swings his orc double axe at   Jared Cuthbert      6   misses            
   Jared Cuthbert      casts magic missile doing   6   points of Stamina damage to      Orc   7                           
   Ben Zeldem      swings his longsword      23   critical hit doing   16   points of Lifeblood damage to Orc 9.         
All three orcs are slain.

Tom Kalbfus:
Robard Mortana approaches one of the locked chests and then sighs, "If only I knew how to pick a lock, but alas I never picked up this skill."
Ben Zeldem says, "I think I can pick that lock. Just wait while I get my lock picking tool."
Ben grabs an orc double axe from one of the dead orcs. "Ah the perfect lock picking tool!" Ben teases giving Robard a sly glance. Ben gets the orc double axe high over his shoulders, then his muscles tense as he swings the axe down on the metal box with all his might. Sparks fly as the axe hits the chest with a clang. The chest breaks open.
The first chest contains a pile of coins, about 100 gold pieces and 400 silver pieces when they are counted.
Ben gets the axe high and brings it down on the second chest, breaking it open. Inside is as suit of masterwork studded leather Armor, he tosses that to Robard.
Ben swings the axe a third time breaking open the third chest revealing 4 thunderstones.
thunderstorms. Swings his axe for the fourth time, breaking open the fourth chest revealing a suit of half-plate armor. Ben announced, "I claim this Armor, I broke open the box after all."
Gwenna Antiope grabs another orc double axe from one of the slain orcs. Gwenna smiles saying, "Just what I always wanted," as she gets the axe.
The party splits the monetary treasure six ways so that each character gets 16 gold pieces and 66 silver pieces.
Ben Zeldem gets the extra 4 gold pieces and 4 silver pieces for breaking open the boxes. The individual treasure carried by the orcs themselves amounted to 18 gold pieces, Robard Mortana took those for "safekeeping".

Tom Kalbfus:
The only exit out from the 3 meter by 3 meter chamber where the three dead orcs and busted treasure chests lay was the north exit through which the party came.
So the party exited north back into the 6 meter by 4.5 meter chamber they were in previously. A staircase to the west was 3 meters wide and descended 3 meters at a 45° decline.
The party descended the staircase and entered a 4.5 meter by 10.5 meter chamber. The chamber was empty. At the south end into the floor a 1.5 meter wide staircase descended a further three meters down. Next to the stairwell at the south end of the east wall was a 1.5 meter wide Passage. The party decides to camp and regain spells for the next encounter. 1 day of trail rations is consumed.

Tom Kalbfus:
The party descends the stairwell and enters a 4.5 meter by 4.5 meter chamber with a 1.5 meter opening in the west wall and a 3 meter wide stairway descending through the east wall.      
There are four orcs in studded leather Armor and armed with great axes and three javelins each.

Tom Kalbfus:
Initiative rolls:                              
Jared Cuthbert      10                        
Theodore Ethbert      19                        
Gwenna Antiope      7                        
Lora Harold      11                        
Robard Mortana      15                        
Ben Zeldem      15                        
Orc 10      17                        
Orc 11      5                        
Orc 12      19                        
Orc 13      2                        
Theodore Ethbert      Attacks Orc 10 with Magic Missile         4   points of stamina damage inflicted.            
Orc 12   attacks   7   and misses.                     
Orc 10   attacks with a 20, doing 10 points of Stamina damage to Ben Zeldem.            
Robard Mortana      attacks Orc 10 with his short sword, 9         and misses.               
Ben Zeldem   attacks Orc 11 with his Orc double axe,         22 and 23   hitting twice, doing 14 points of stamina damage,            Orc 11 is dead.   
Lora Harold   attacks Orc 13 with her morningstar,         13   , hitting the orc and doing 3 points of stamina damage.               Orc 13 is dead.
Jared Cuthbert      attacks Orc 12 with Magic Missile doing 5 points of stamina damage.                        
Gwenna Antiope      attacks Orc 10 with her Orc double axe, 7 and 10,             missing both times


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