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It's difficult for me to carve out time for gaming on the weekend, when the vast majority of gamers are available.  When I schedule games during the week, when I AM free, I'll occasionally get flakes, retards, and asshats (today's Roll20 session had all three!!!).  So, I decided to run a session or two (maybe even a campaign) on here.

Don't think I've ever taken this medium seriously (for roleplaying), so it'll be a learning experience.  Also, I'm throwing in a bunch of Encounter Critical III stuff that I'm playtesting.  Rather than post a bunch of rules ahead of time, I'd rather jump into character creation and then describe the setting, hook, and so forth.

The base rules default to Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 when I'm not workshopping something new and specific.  The FREE PDF is here:

I can accommodate up to 6 players.  Don't want to overload myself right out of the gate, especially since I'm not exactly sure what to expect.

What is Cha'alt (the campaign setting)?  It's eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse with humor, sleaze, and pop-culture references galore!

Who's in?


I am! (Buuut ... I will be traveling between Oct. 2-7, so that may be an issue.)

I can handle a slower-paced asynchronous game. 

Based on my past experience with play by post games, the GM should have free rein to put deeds and words in a character's mouth if they don't reply in a timely manner.  That's primarily to incentivize the players to check in regularly and to keep things flowing.  Of course, good communication is key just like in a face to face game.  If you know you're heading out on vacation, let the group know so we can take a break or work around a PC's absence.

Ok, this is what I need from players...

NAME, CLASS, RACE, SOMETHING NOTEWORTHY, LOOK, DRIVE, OBSESSION, FLAW, and RELATIONSHIP.  These don't have to be answered right away.  I'm fine with having some of them crop-up organically during play.  I'm interested in playtesting the WARLOCK class, so use that instead of SORCERER.

You'll be incentivized to roleplay during and between encounters with DIVINE FAVOR.  That's the game's meta-currency.  Spending that allows you to re-roll any die of yours.  Additionally, if your character has "died", you can roll a d20.  There's an x in 20 chance that you miraculously survived death, where "x" is how many points of Divine Favor your character has spent.  If you do end up surviving, the amount spent starts over.

Should I do all the dice rolling to keep things consistent?

Once we have a good starting number, 3 or 4 players, we'll start.  I'm probably forgetting important stuff, so I may edit this or just post a follow-up down thread.


A couple ideas (some have been played before), happy to share/modify as others chime in:

1. Name unknown (formerly abducted human [???] with Jason Bourne-style amnesia; concept origin; not yet played)

Race/class: Human warrior, priest, or thief, depending on what is needed in party/setting.
Noteworthy: Woke up after having been abducted with a brand new bionic arm and no memory of his past or identity. Has mad (class-appropriate) skills, but is still (re)discovering them, often after reacting instinctually under stress. Has recurring nightmares of retrieving [MacGuffin] for his enigmatic, masked abductor. He doesn't yet remember that his parents were murdered years ago, but their killing is somehow linked to his abduction/memory loss.
Look/affect: Kind of an urban "gray man", but almost always has long sleeves and gloves to conceal his arm.
Drive: Recovering his memory, and (subconsciously) discovering the nature of his parents' murder, although he doesn't currently remember anything about them.
Obsession: Finding [MacGuffin] and bringing it to his masked abductor. He reluctantly admits that doing so will likely result in great suffering for himself and others, but he can barely think of anything else.
Flaw: He's not going to like himself very much once the world reveals who he is.
Relationship idea: Party found him shortly after he was "returned" from his abduction and took him in as a fellow misfit.

2. "Kid" (orphan prodigy nerd wizard, futuristic Harry Potter, but from Oliver Twist; played before)

Race/class: Human warlock.
Noteworthy: Wicked smaht adolescent escaped from a Bladerunner 2049-esque "orphanage" (child slavery ring on a remote planet). Has grown cynical and hardened beyond his years by constantly getting his ass kicked growing up. He has a real name, but no one in the party remembers it. They just call him "Kid".
Look/affect: Quiet, too articulate for his age.
Drive: Discovering what happened to his birth family.
Obsession/Flaw: Curiosity will kill this cat when it comes to magic or technology. Notices everything.
Relationship idea: Distrusts strangers, but befriended another party member shortly after his escape and has been glued to that being ever since.

3. Nadr'al Qox (amazonian bipedal Klingon lizard; concept origin; played before)

Race/class: Reptilian warrior.
Noteworthy: Magically transported away from her home world of Ok'raan defying her will and understanding by a rival reptilian race. She's the only one of her kind in this sector.
Look/affect: Bipedal reptilian with tail. Attempts to minimize her appearance in public by wearing a cloak. It won't fool anyone paying attention, but allows her to more easily blend in with the dull-eyed masses. She carries a blaster in a holster on her thigh (with weapon light), two mid-sized kukri (the closest thing she could find to her native weaponry), a water skin, and a small kit of stuff (flashlight, protein rich dried insect husks as rations, ranging monocular).
Drive: Returning to her home world and avenging the death of her family.
Obsession: Leveraging her training as an elite warrior of her tribe, she has developed a penchant for (and modest income from) gambling on fights.
Flaw: Hates the cold. Grows lethargic pretty quickly, if exposed. Distrusts magic, and is relatively ignorant of it, but knows it is likely the only way home for her.
Relationship idea: Befriended the party's magic user who helped her out of a jam. Alternatively, she was hired by another party member as muscle for something.


UPDATE: With @zircher as inspiration, I explored with some "interesting" results. Not sure how long these will be around, but that's okay. I don't think any fit (although maybe that's a future image of amnesia guy?):


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