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Author Topic: (Always recruiting)Storm of Villainy  (Read 3069 times)


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(Always recruiting)Storm of Villainy
« on: May 27, 2006, 06:15:19 PM »
This is FreeForm
Sorry for this massive post. But it's definitely worth it.
If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, Warhammer 40,000, or even Warhammer Fantasy, you'll adore this RPG. This is a wonderful hybrid of science fiction and high fantasy. Fans of Eberron will end up loving this too, and so will Final Fantasy lovers.
Twelve hundred years in the future, The Earth and it's colonies and territories had been succesfuly invaded by the Ourok, otherwise known as the Demon Confederacy. Many different tribes of demons and servants of demons had invaded the Shining Beacon, and in one titanic battle, which had lasted for an entire span of 40 months, Humanity and it's allies had been finally defeated. Nine years afterwards, Nankulan, Sovoklor, and Kimar, the neighboring extraterrestrial systems were invaded as well. They had fought against the Allies for 90 years, effectively crippling all three great systems, but ultimately failed to conquer any. Almost 100 years have passed since humanity had been enslaved by demons, the only safe place on Earth for humanity is off limits to the slaves.  
There are 30 million living human slaves on Earth now. The vast majority of humanity lives in deep despair as nothing but tools to the evil demons which tyrannize them. Unspeakable atrocities are still being committed, and few even remember how good it was to be free.  
However there is still hope for us. Israel is safe from them. Ever since the demons had declared war on Earth,  they have been unable to enter it. So far, 5,000 human beings have made it to Israel, and there is a living, thriving community of people free from demonic oppression. Jews, christians and arabs make the vast majority of the survivors.
The Nine Demon Tribes that make the Wicked Confederacy are,
The Enemy
The Drok -
Putrid, disgusting, living creatures made of slime, insects, and living mold and decay. They have terrible biological technologies designed to cause max suffering. Their appearance changes, but always disgusts.
The Krokala-
Fish-like, aquatic creatures, they have psychic powers varying greatly in potential force and skill. They also have barbed tails and quils they can shoot at the enemy that are poisonous.
Dangerous creatures with great power in occult arts. They typicaly appear to be snake creatures, dragon-like, or resemble occultic animals of some sort of human mythology.
Alien, screeching creatures that can possess others, have incorporeal forms, and can cause madness simply by being seen. The M'Thputurik all have differing appearances.  
Warrior creatures resembling humans. They have power over hate, fear, revenge and despair. Truly evil creatures, they make awesome melee warriors. They are also skilled in the creation of mechanic tools.
These creatures are powerful manipulators, illusionists, and tricksters. They have great powers over curses and are quite cunning. They appear as frog men, trolls, monkeys and raven like men.  
These appear as beautiful, rainbow colored snakes, peacocks and butteflies. They have great power over nature, controlling the weather, fertility, and magical power. These are perhaps the worst demons, because they are so beautiful. They employ suduction often.
The Morell-
Boar like creatures, these are the most rounded of the Demon Tribes, and also the most numerous, they breed very quickly.
The Rallyn-
These creatures rival the Morell as the most versatile. They are shape shifters, telepaths and are very healthy and agile.  

The Allies
Many important tablets and other ancient sources of information point to humanity as being the key to the Galaxy's, as well as the entire Univers'es, future.  There have also been discovered a new source of power found on Earth shortly before the Demons arrived. A new, almost pseudo scientific material called Spice, which has been found in only a few hundred planets in the Galaxy. The Spice has been the One Key Hope that Earth has for being liberated, as the Spice can't even work unless they have permission from a legitimate leader to use it.
An asian like culture. They all appear to be human, although they have remarkably similar writing styles, and customs as the east asian nations on Earth. The only physical dissimilarity is the remarkable strength that Nakulans have. Average strength for a Nankulan is ten times more than a human beings. They have a huge number advantage, rivalling the Morell in that forte, in fact. ((300 year life span))
Similar to Western Europe in the Middle Ages. This land is a land of breeding, manners, and chivalry.*the kind that Western Europe at the time was supposed to have* They have uncovered, in the last 5,000 years, ancient ways of magic. *Extremely young for a magic using race.* As such they are advised by the wisest sapient creatures in the known universe.(190 year life span))They appear as grey/blue/purple horned scaled humanoids.
Sovoklors despise the Morell as grotesque deformities of a great species. They appear to be very orcish in appearance, almost identical to the Morell. Sovoklors, however, are a very intelligent species. Very logical, in fact. Their founding religious figure, Brokyune the Greatest, brought a movement to Sovoklor over 7,000 years ago attempting a harmony between logic and empathy. As such, the once orc clones (think WC or LOTR)became more civilized, but with a hopeless attachment to isolationism. It took them seven thousand years to care about their neighbors.
((Life Span - (177 years old))
And much more. You may create your own if you want, but run them by me first. The planet MUST run by my guidelines.  
Character Creation -
Age:*Or human equilavent*
MiniBio- 6-8 sentences minimal.