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Author Topic: ALIEN - Destroyer of Worlds  (Read 834 times)


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ALIEN - Destroyer of Worlds
« on: June 26, 2022, 02:34:43 PM »
I feel ready to do "DESTROYER OF WORLDS", which is a Cinematic scenario for Free League's ALIEN RPG.

This will involve pre-generated characters in an extremely dangerous/high casualty environment. Since I've heard that it's VERY difficult to get through the entire mission, I've also given some of the pregens Story Points to increase their survivability (reflecting their experience as Colonial Marines).

I'm looking for 2-4 players, with 3 probably being the sweet spot for this one.


The majority of the pregens are members of the 14th Marine Assault Unit (14th MAU, aka "the Head-Takers"), which had been temporarily stationed at Fort Nebraska (on a moon called Ariarcus, in the Kruger 60 system) as part of the reserve for Task Force Myrmidon.

Task Force Myrmidon (composed of multiple MAUs from Marine Space Force Herculis) is currently engaged in retaking the nearby 61-Cygni system & the United Americas colony on LV-038, which had been annexed by the UPP. When the situation proved to be too unstable (both around 61-Cygni as well as the Ariarcus colony), the United Americas Allied Command (UAAC) ordered the evacuation of the Kruger-60 system in order to free up the USCMC elements around Ariarcus.

Fort Nebraska is a ground-orbital station, comprising both sides of a tether/space elevator - the fortifications around the planetside anchor for the tether, the space elevator/tether itself, and the orbital station/counterweight. Around Fort Nebraska is the colony on Ariarcus, a mostly habitable moon around a grey-blue gas giant called Oblivion, within the Kruger-60 system. Ariarcus is tidally locked to Oblivion, and the lunar colony is on its planet-facing side, almost entirely shrouded from the Kruger-60 primary (so it doesn't get direct sunlight). The colony was placed at that location due to the massive petroleum deposits around the plateau upon which the colony is situated. (The colony itself more resembles a work/labor camp rather than a fully functional colony, even by Frontier standards.)

(Why is the Ariarcus colony "unstable"? Living standards are poor on Ariarcus, to say the least, with average temperatures of -10C (resembling an arctic wasteland) and very poor/intermittent supplies making their way this far out into the Frontier). Labor unrest has given way to an outright insurgency movement, with (suspected) UPP support. There has been active sabotage of the oil fields and ongoing terrorist/insurgency against the Colonial Marine garrison.)

At this point, the evacuation is 99% complete, with only about 2,000 colonists remaining out of the 200,000+ who had inhabited Ariarcus. Those colonists who remain are trapped/desperate/unlucky... or they are hard core UPP-aligned insurgents who didn't want to leave. There are currently NO plans to retrieve these remaining civilians.

The 14th MAU has (almost) entirely been recalled to their transport ships, for immediate redeployment into the fight around 61-Cygni. In fact, the jump out-system has already begun.

The key word is "almost". Your Marines have been given different orders.

After being recalled (going up from the gravity well to their ships from their temporary station at Fort Nebraska), they were all pulled from their units, and sent right back down planetside via the Fort Nebraska space elevator.

About 6 hours ago, a 4-man Colonial Marine squad went AWOL from Fort Nebraska with classified intelligence, the type of intelligence that (if provided to the enemy) could have devastating consequences in the Frontier. These AWOL Marines are also part of Task Force Myrmidon, but under a separate Special Operations Capable (SOC) command - the 5th Colonial Marines Special Operations Regiment, known as the Sin Eaters.

(The Sin Eaters are the kind of Marines that get the blackest of black ops. If a job is so dirty that they can't possibly deploy a Recon/Raider unit to get it done, they send in units like the Sin Eaters. Every Marine in the 14th MAU knows who these guys are.)

USCMC Command did not want to send in another unit of Sin Eaters after their own, so they have pulled your Marines to capture or kill these guys.

The AWOL Marines are not considered Colonial Marines at this point, but the priority is to bring them back alive if at all possible. (If they present a clear and present danger, then your Marines can use deadly force... but only at that point is deadly force permissible under the rules of engagement for this mission. Capture or kill, but do not fire unless fired upon.)

(Fort Nebraska's USCMC garrison (commanded by O-6 Colonel Edward R. Meyers) has their own orders, although they are also hastily concluding their planetside operations. They are available for limited logistical support, but do not expect any assistance from the Marines assigned to Fort Nebraska. They have their hands full.)

14th Marine Assault Unit
* Nickname: "the Head-takers"
* Current Commander: O-6 Colonel Hiram J. Lively
* Marine Space Force Herculis- Task Force Myrmidon, with orders to re-take/liberate LV-038 in the 61-Cygni system.
* Combat Element: 2nd Battalion, 15th Colonial Marines
* Other elements of the MAU include combat aviation, logistics, medical, maintenance, heavy ordinance, etc.

Pre-generated characters:

E-3 Lance Corporal Ruth Anne Dante
* Former member of 2nd Battalion, 15th Colonial Marines, Company B ("Broncos"), 2nd Platoon
* Charlie Team Squad Role: Assault Team
* Training: Breacher/CQB
* Age: 33
* Personality: Talkative, present/in-the-now
* Last survivor of 2nd Platoon's Bravo squad
* (Bravo Squad was involved in a blue-on-blue incident during Urban Pacification training in the outskirts of the Ariarcus colony.)
* Critically injured during Urban Pacification training mission on Ariarcus, requiring extensive medical reconstruction and rehab
* Just returning to service after recovering from her injuries
* Buddy: Hammer
* Rival: Chaplain
* Story Points: 2 (she's a survivor of a giant fuck up, and she's not broken by it)

E-2 Private First Class Nathaniel A.W. Hammer
* Former member of 2nd Battalion, 15th Colonial Marines, Company B ("Broncos"), 1st Platoon
* Charlie Team Squad Role: Assault Team
* Training: M56 Smartgun Operator
* Age: 22
* Personality: On edge, does not play well with others
* "Vat-grown", Artificial Womb (A.W.) soldier.
* Loves fighting and killing for the Corps.
* Always on edge, overstimulated.
* Recently released from the brig (confined due to a "discipline issue", i.e. getting into a brawl and nearly killing another Marine)
* Buddy: Dante
* Rival: Mason
* Story Point: 1 (dude, you get the Smartgun)

E-7 Gunnery Sergeant Luca Mason
* Charlie Team Squad Role: Rifle Team, Squad Leader
* Recently assigned to 2nd Battalion, 15th Colonial Marines, Company C ("Chosen"), 1st Platoon
* Training: Chem/Bio/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist
* Age: 42
* Personality: Meticulous, but tired of this shit
* Fascinated by radiation and its effects
* Combat Veteran, saw action against the UPP during the Tientsin Campaign
* Seen a lot of shit... like, a whole fucking metric fuckton of shit
* Buddy: Chaplain
* Rival: Hammer
* Story Points: 2 (he's actually seen combat action as a CBRN specialist)

* Charlie Team Squad Role: Support (Rifle Team)
* Previously assigned to 2nd Battalion, 15th Colonial Marines, Company A ("Aces"), 2nd Platoon
* Training/Role: Technician and Medic/Corpsman
* Age: Appears 45
* Personality: Synthetic
* Hyperdyne Model 341-C ("Charlie") Synthetic
* Prior unit gave him the nickname "Chaplain" (after "Charlie Chaplain")
* Buddy: Mason
* Rival: None
* Story Points: 0 (He's a got-dang synthetic)
* NOTE: Unarmed, untrained in weapon use. Synthetics typically do not use weapons as doing so would be against their programming.

O-3 Captain Beatriz Silva
* Field Commander within the 5th Colonial Marines Regiment (Special Operations), aka the Sin Eaters
* Role: Mission Commander
* Training: (Classified)
* Age: 43
* Personality: Authoritarian, proud, chain-smoker
* Veteran of multiple USCMC black ops (all extremely classified missions)
* Buddy: Hammer
* Rival: Iona
* Story Points: 3 (the mission commander, and an experienced black ops field commander)

E-5 Sergeant Kale Iona
* Former member of Combat Logistics Battalion 23
* Role: APC driver for Charlie Team
* Training: Logistics/Support
* Age: 36
* Personality: On edge, excess bravado
* Hawaiian, loves the beach
* Mostly served in non-combat functions prior to assignment to Charlie Team
* Always talking about how he wants to see some real action
* Buddy: Chaplain
* Rival: Zmijewski
* Story Points: 0 (he's a reserve character, and kind of a pain in the ass)

"Zmijewski" (however that is pronounced)
E-2 PFC Stanley T. Zmijewski
* Former member of Combat Logistics Battalion 23
* Role: Support/Reserve
* Training: Rifleman
* Age: 34
* Personality: Annoyed, agitated
* Hostile to everyone, especially those who fuck up his name
* Quick to hold a grudge
* Despises being called "Z-man"
* Rival: Hammer
* Story Points: 0 (a giant pain in the ass with no redeeming qualities in this mission. Choose at your peril unless you want to be the comic relief)
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