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ALIEN - Chariot of the Gods (... you have my sympathies)

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Anyone interested in playing ALIEN? I've been in a sci-fi mood, and nothing has really fit, but I know ALIEN works.

I'm open to running "Chariot of the Gods", a cinematic (read: Crew expendable, TPK possible) scenario where you play as crew members of the USCSS Montero, a company-owned space hauler on a (mostly) routine job - running "the Gauntlet", which is the trade route between Anchorpoint and the Frontier. Of course, you're hauling dozens of tanks of explosive Tritium gas on a special order for a Weyland-Yutani corporate colony known as Sutter's World. And in space, nothing ever goes as planned.

This is a 3-act scenario, and each character will receive a different Agenda for each of the 3 acts of this drama. Not all of the Agendas are in alignment with each other, which is the way these cinematic scenarios are designed.

(Push your Agendas hard. Do not be troubled if they result in PvP. There are opportunities for replacement characters to join the team (should you choose to trust them) in case the entire surviving roster is already taken by players.)

If you want a shorter experience, I'm also open to running "Hope's Last Day", another cinematic/crew expendable scenario where you play colonists from the Weyland-Yutani terraforming and mining colony known as Hadley's Hope (on a planet known as Acheron (LV-426)). This is written as a single act scenario (theoretically, the third and concluding act of a 3-act cinematic scenario). Your colonists have just walked back to the colony after their vehicle broke down in the wastelands on a maintenace run out to Processor 9. There was some kind of emergency at the colony when they left (something about "snake-things" in the vents), but Processor 9 needed fixing and someone had to do it.

I don't have "Destroyer of Worlds" (which is the Colonial Marines scenario), but I do plan to pick it up eventually.


I've attached the character information for 3 of the characters for "Chariot of the Gods". since there's a max of 4 attachments per post, I'll add the other 2 (Cham and Wilson) in the next post.

After characters are selected & the group is set, I will send out the character Agendas for Act 1. (The Agendas are deliberately made separate from the characters, and you will receive new Agendas at the start of each Act. Please do not share those because there may be spoilers in some of your Agendas.)

(Re: Fear of the license & stuff. All of the attachments are freely available on the Free League website in the downloads section for ALIEN, including all of the character Agendas should you wish to read spoilers prior to play... and shame on you if you choose to do so. I am simply providing JPGs for ease of use and to avoid temptations with the Agendas.)



Posting: Every other day? I'm not going to expect daily updates, and I'm not going for a speed run here.

Other sht: Speaking for NPCs in your posts.
I don't care... provided that you play my NPCs in a consistent manner as they have already been played.
Do not make them say things they wouldn't say, or act in a manner that is contrary to their characters (as known to you).
My NPCs will not promise anything or do anything that requires a dice roll or Stress check when you "act" as them during your posts...
Otherwise, I do not care if they banter or do minor activities during your posts.

(So... no such thing as, "Doctor Cooper goes into the airlock and spaces himself" or "Reid takes her shotgun and blows the top of her head off" during your posts.)

On the flip side, I may include your characters in my posts in a similar fashion... nothing that requires a dice roll, stress test, or betrays their Agendas.

Aaaaaaand, the other 2 characters for "Chariot of the Gods".

I can’t stand that stupid engineer shit that Ridley crapped all over the franchise.

I’ll just play Amazing Engine: Bug Hunters, thanks. The execution isn’t fucking stupid.

No offense to you personally. Sounds like fun TPK opportunities

I don't mind the Engineers as much as the requirement for maximum stupidity out of the crew in "Prometheus", to the point where I haven't watched "Covenant". The events should have been dangerous without requiring a lot of dumb action by the crew.

 The Engineers are a factor in both "Chariot of the Gods" and "Destroyer of Worlds". I can say that without spoiling too much. It would require massive rewriting to remove the Engineer factor.

The original alien(s) is/are the primary danger in "Hope's Last Day", should a group wish to play that one instead.

(Neither the Space Truckers in "Chariot of the Gods" nor the terraforming colonists in "Hope's Last Day" are particularly equipped or prepared for what they are about to face.)

To clarify, my problem with the engineers is that they’re not Giger monsters. Drawing them like so would fix the problem:


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