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ALIEN - Chariot of the Gods (... you have my sympathies)

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I didn't mind the Engineers so much because the story was somewhat interesting, but they totally did not fit the Giger vision on their own.
The Space Jockey was just a helmet? Definitely weak & uninspired. Giger had more humanoid drawings if they wanted something between Space Jockey and fully human. Ridley Scott had a huge budget for Prometheus.

What we got was a guy in a rubber suit and white makeup.

The mythos was interesting, but the visuals for the Engineer were not very inspiring.


Anyway, I will give this through the end of the week (Friday, June 10... 11:59pm Pacific time).

* If we get 1 person, I'll run Hope's Last Day instead of Chariot of the Gods.
* With 2 or more, I can run either Hope's Last Day or Chariot of the Gods.
If no interest, I'll reboot and do something else. I'm not at all ready to run the Frontier War scenario in the Colonial Marines Operations Manual, but maybe in a couple weeks, I'll have notes together so that I can run it.

Time has come and gone without interest. No big deal.

I will shut this down, then. Consider this recruitment to be CLOSED.


Still looking at ALIEN, probably Colonial Marines, working towards the Frontier War campaign. This would be a Campaign mode game, but also with Cinematic mode sensibilities. Replacement is built in to the Colonial Marines genre.

I could be persuaded to do Forbidden Lands, perhaps the Raven's Purge campaign (again, in the Free League universe) or the MYZ:Elysium campaign.

I'll start a new thread for that when I'm ready.

Wrath of God:
Recrutation aside - it inspired me to run those few existing Alien scenarios as sort of offshots of my main group.

The scenarios are well done. Definitely a lot of fun in the way they're constructed as 3-act dramas.

Maybe the hardest part is playing a role with an agenda. It's a different task for a player to embody these character agendas, and some players are notoriously passive-aggressive kinds of murder hobos (and won't fare well in a cinematic game).


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