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Hreidmar :
Holy Shit!!  I just walked into a dictionary vomiting contest!  ;)


--- Quote from: Hreidmar ---Holy Shit!!  I just walked into a dictionary vomiting contest!  ;)
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Join with us in our quest for enlightenment, oh Squirrely brethren! there can be no doubt in your mind that our way is pure, our intentions noble, and that we must carve out our brave new world, away from the opposition of the unwashed plebes!

Since Universalis makes me feel all special, it's my favorite game. Special and intellectual. Tingly.

Edit: Actually, who needs to play, really? As long as I get to theorize about the game, I'm satisfied...

Teflon Billy:
Two way tie for first. Both are, coincidentally, radically re-worked second editions of games I loved.

Mutants and Masterminds 2E and Spycraft 2.0.

On the one hand, we have M&M, which is easily the most "aware" of societies own limitations. Between the obvious "Levelling" of sexuality provided by Spandex Costumes and the notion of Superpowers as the great emasculator/balancer (providing women with all of the "power"--both figurative and actual--of the men in the genre)...M&M2E might well be the tool that changes society more towards the leftist/feminist Utopia posited in the less successful (but even more correct) Blue Rose.

Spycraft on the other hand allows all of the players present to affect the world situation in politically progressive ways. The rules allow for the alteration of the setting by player action (rather than the standard where it is left to the GM). As such, we often have a Group Discussion before play, at the meal break, and after well as a mailing list discussing the many ramifications that our Superspies could effect in the world such as, better food distribution to the poor, a more equitable dissemination of money and power amongst women, the poor, the unemployed, the insane, etc.

We also have done away with dice, as no work as important as this should allow anything to be left to chance ("God not playing dice..." etc).

Barring a sudden itch for Grim, Gritty Fantasy, I can't see us playing anything besides those two games for a quite awhile.

Teflon Billy:

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One of my players brings a casserole.

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You, as most always, =teh Genius:)


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