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Author Topic: Woke D&D = Broke D&D: Is a Lunatic Conspiracy Theory  (Read 4112 times)

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Re: Woke D&D = Broke D&D: Is a Lunatic Conspiracy Theory
« Reply #90 on: June 12, 2021, 01:40:11 PM »
I also felt that Ravenloft 5e was a turning point. I pointed out ratings on Amazon in the first thread you linked. And while Ravenloft started out with super low ratings, it has normalized. So much so that it looks like it will be a huge commercial success. So, in that, I was wrong. It seems the average consumer has not yet flipped a switch on WOTC.

I did have an exchange with Mistwell in that thread. After looking at posting history, I now realize this individual has no interest in honest conversation. Lesson learned, but I will not waste moving forward. Their approach to this community and conversation is dishonest.

While I was wrong about the overall TTRPG community reaction to Ravenloft, I firmly believe this is the crack in the foundation. They are at a tipping point and they show no signs of being able to help themselves.

But then I look at the other products out there. Outside of Pundit and a couple others, it is all the same shit. I am left with the conclusion that the best thing to do moving forward is:

1. Support those who actively oppose this shift towards wokism and nonsense

2. Purchase Basic D&D, 1e and 2e products

3. Purchase core 5e D&D

Those are in descending order intentionally. Outside of that, do not spend a nickel on other products, kickstarters, or companies. And unlike the woke, I am only saying what I plan to no means am I telling anybody else how to spend their hard earned money.

Re your points 2 & 3: NO! that's putting money in their pockets to keep financing the woke BS.

Do not buy from people that despise you and would gladly see you dead. And even if you're not right wing, if you're a nanometer to the right of Mao that's what they want for you and yours.

I fully oppose telling people how to spend their money. I clearly stated they were in descending order intentionally.

It seems we are in agreement around point one? Does it help if I clarify that point two is NOT buying reprints? By Basic/1e/2e products, I am referring to actual books produced by TSR that already exist in the market. Buying from Glenn on eBay or from his local game store does not help anybody but Glenn.

Point three is where we will likely not find common ground. I believe an across the board dip in sales would be interpreted by WOTC in a manner less likely to produce change. I am in my third decade of working for large companies, both privately held and public. Maintaining core product sales this late in the lifecycle, with unpopular/dead sales for newer support products is how new product leads get named and/or recent hiring decisions get evaluated.

For the record, my opinion doesn't and can't negate your freedom to do whatever you wish.

I fully agree on point two then.

As for point 3 I have no problem with an IP dying, much less a corporation, I learned the hard way (thanks woke cultists!) to divest myself of any emotional attachment to stuff that I don't control.

So far I have droped the habit of buying any Marvel/DC comics after over 40 years of reading/collecting mainly their stuff. Switched to independents and a few small publishers.

I do not buy anything from Woke of the Coast, Baizuo, Evil Hat, etc. I buy S&W, Basic Fantasy, and some stuff by smaller independent authors and publishers.

You do you, but buying anything from the woke corporations doesn't do anything but put money in their pockets... Now, buying from Glen on ebay doesn't...

"Woke of the Coast" has a nice ring to it.  They might not even consider it an insult.
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Re: Woke D&D = Broke D&D: Is a Lunatic Conspiracy Theory
« Reply #91 on: June 12, 2021, 05:46:46 PM »
I have the original Ravenloft 5e book.  How woke is the new Ravenloft casket boxed set version?

Assuming the Beyond version was the same as the print version. YMMV.

Alot of the bothersome bits are, like with Curse of Strahd, mostly in the first few pages and the rest is, far as I can tell, overall lacking in annoyances of the SJW sort. The Visthani are the most notable change.

But its also lacking in much detail on each domain and is mostly a "make your own domain" ruleset and a large section devoted to explaining different sorts of horror and how to personalize it and make encounters unique or unusual.