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Wildshape forms

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What are your favourite animal forms and why?

Currently my 6th level druid is fond of taking the form of a fleshraker (dino in MM3) because of the leaping pounce :)

Any good forms I should consider?



I don't normally sully myself with playing treehugging Circus folk, aka Druids ;) , but I do appreciate when the party Druid uses wildshape the ones i appreciate the most are the ones that have alternate movements such as fish, birds, and snakes.

Well, my only druid character didn't get to adventure long enough to get to wildshape.  :(

My ideas, though, were to go with the standard combat options (wolf for trip, tiger for damage, etc.)  I was also going to go with small and sneaky forms -- I think the reconnaisance possiblities of wildshape are underestimated.  Familiars are only so-so at it, but an intelligent druid could kick ass.

Roger on the recon. Eagle form is great for outdoor scouting because of the vantage point, the speed, and the Small size which allows you to use it as soon as you hit 5th.


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