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What's the skinny on the Feng Shui RPG?

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Have a chance to play, but don't know the first thing about it. Please enlighten...

well, when i played it was always crazy fun... laregely because the GM we played with always let us make characters with a whole lot of points.  ;)

you know, the sort of characters who could dance upon a hail of bullets, and such like that.

fu shticks, yo, fu shticks.

Teflon Billy:
It is insanely fun.

the problems lie almost entirely with the Character Generation, which is based on templates that are in no way balance with one another (ie, you can be the Character with 3 Kung Fu Powers, or the Character with 5 Kung Fu powers etc)

It is a game that is fun in spite of certain elements it posseses.

But it is a blast to play. It is where the "Stunting" rules of Exalted came from...the cooler you describe an action, the better a chance you have of it working.

The setting is very "Wahoo" and very, very fun: Assassins from the future, Eunuch Sorcerors, Abominations, Cyborg Gorillas, Shaolin Monks, Karate cops...all are viable PC's:)

I recently ran a short campaign of it while it is a fun light hearted game that reflects the genre well, the problems we had were....

1) Karate Cop complained as he gets no Fu shticks. (Fu shticks really reflect the over the top mystical martial arts so I suppose it makes sense that the archetype does get them, but still he felt short changed) Archetypes aren't always balanced but it's hard to make comparisons

2) Killer taking snap shot, with his Carnival of Carnage, Lightening Reload x3 and 10,000 Bullets, could take down 2 mooks every shot. This occasionally ment that all the mooks were dead before anyone elses initiative! The general feeling was Gun shticks far outclassed Fu shticks most of the time. And while this is reflected in the XP cost, since the Killer and others started off with so many XP didn't really matter.

3) Sorcerer focused all his XP improving magic, as did one of the Martial Artist improving Fu, soon they just couldn't be hit. While other characters the spread XP more widely couldn't hit things that were put in to challenge those two characters. This is due to the really tight range of results, unless dice explode, meaning if you get a action value of only 2 or 3 better than someone then you are always likely to hit them and they are never going to hit you. (Especially if you abort to an active dodge)

If it's played for laughs then this arn't too much of a problem, but if your use to D20 and balance between character classes then you might start pull you hair out after a few weeks of play.

Hastur T. Fannon:
Yeah, an extended campaign can run into balance issues unless the ref is careful about how the players spend xp.  It can also be difficult to find an archtype that's exactly like the character you want to play

Other than that, it's a near-perfect light-hearted game.  I usually wave the penalty for Stunting if the stunt is described cooly enough


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