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What's a good Warlock?

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I'm playing a warlock for the first time, since invocation selection is so limited. I was looking for advice on different character builds and if folks had found the class, balanced or broken, or what.

I know some of the others in the group are already jealous of the at will ranged touch attack doing 3d6 at 5th level (next one). I figure it's only one target, at 6th fighters get two attacks, at 5th Wizards are dropping fireballs, etc. Okay so it isn't limited in uses but it is limited in use.

So far I have

Sickening Blast (but I've only managed to Sicken the party's dwarven cleric, shooting past her into melee)
Beguiling Influence (and a maxed Bluff, I can pretty much convince anyone of anything)
See the Unseen (Darkvision and See Invisible are pretty handy)

Point Blank Shot
Weapon Focus (Ray)
Precise Shot

I plan on getting Ability Focus at 6th.

With the DC of Sickening Blast becoming easier for monsters to get as we go up in level I'm thinking of exchanging that for Eldrich Spear, when I get a new Eldrich Essense.

What would be your first Lesser Inovaction and why?

We've got a warlock in my game.  The fucker's just annoying (in a good way) to DM for.  I believe his first lesser was the invisibility, but it might have been flight -- I don't have his sheet with me.
The trickiest thing about warlocks is figuring out what the eldritch blast effects and what it doesn't.  I believe what I finally ruled (again, don't have the paper in front of me) is that it is subject to DR as a +1 magic weapon of indeterminate type (i.e. not blunt, piercing, or slashing).  It is also subject to SR, which the warlock from becoming a "Wanker of Golem Slaying".

Get your ass in the air, mang.  It rocks.

I'd also get Maximize SLA at 6th level.  It only works three times per day, but a flat 36 points of damage is NICE.

I believe there is an Acid Blast that means you can ignore spell resistance however. Need to be high level for it.

I was thinking Flight or Invisibility for my first Lesser Invocation.

A dead one.


A dead one with lots 'o loot.


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