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What the Hell?? (Can anyone read this BTW)


Guest (Deleted):

Note - Dalsundria - a name of one of the kingdoms in my setting is mentioned here twice - now that could be coincidence but I can make out enough of the language (I *think it's Spanish, possibly Porteguese) to see a mention of King Elgrel III - the fictional monarch of Dalsundria...

So, what the Hell?? I'm utterly confused.

Speaking of Dusk - I am working on a relaunch of it, though no time table is set.  I'm not going to try to market it though - god knows the last thing the world needs is another PDF for sale - and I have better ways of earning money.

Thanks to Babelfish:

--- Quote ---In the writing we do not make another thing that to stick looks to him to the clock that presides over our office very ruthlessly. You will include/understand it: minutillos more and....... to playaaaaaaaaa. Separate Modestia, us we deserve it after a year of intense work. In these months the work of the Popular Parliamentary Group of the Senate has been multiplied; still more, with the victory of the PP in the Autonomic Elections, after which 150 of the 259 senators have been reached. Number record as it remembers (although, je, je, je, for the olvidadizos of opposite already orders the Secretary General, Javier Sands, to repeat it once in a while).

 The clock of the photography is one of the "gifts-kistch" whereupon the sometimes thinking minds of the Council of Direction usually surprise to us in every Christmas. They finish much more being objects of collection very quoted and this artisan piece that takes in its back the following attributed legend to King de Dalsundria, very same Elgrel III: "the time is not gold, is fire. Emboba to which it remains contemplating to happen it and it consumes to that it is decided to live in him ".

In short, to little hours to enjoy our veranito and impĂ­a solarium that is falling, better not to  eat us the Coco being found out where it is left Dalsundria, nor knowledge that merits adorned to the such Elgrel, far from it to lucubrate on who devils will be the senator that cultivates so particular liking to rolls, rimas and legend. We, simple digital curritos, were satisfied to continuing watching of reojo the movement of the small hands of the clock before the imminent arrival of our vacations.
--- End quote ---

um yeah, if those names are copyrighted i suggest you get on this one...  using someone else's stuff in another language is just as uncool.

of course, you may need the help of someone who knows spanish legalese first.  ;)

Very odd that the only other references I can find on the web are to the Dusk setting, and yet that page is about the Popular Party (one that lost power after the train bombing) in Spain.

If you are really interested I could probably ask the wife to do a better translation.

Guest (Deleted):
I am curious - I'm also just very amazed.  Also, it's not worth a copyright litigation, it's just a curiousity.

Very, very odd. You never know where your writing will turn up.


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