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What scares you?

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--- Quote from: Zachary The First ---I don't mind it happening to me so much as I do a loved one.  How horrible to have someone you love cease to recognize you.
--- End quote ---
I give you that.  There are few things in this world more heartbreaking than that.


--- Quote from: Kyle VOltti ---Take what scared you… really scared you and make your players feel that too
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That's doesn't work. *L* Fortunatly I can use their fears by talking to them, but my own fears are less useful. (Funny enough I think its the screwed up nature of my own brain chemistry, I don't have nominal fears of things.) But I can imagine others fears of say being eaten by Driver Ants as scary...just not particularly to me.

As for losing ones mind, what if you never had it found to begin with :D

Vermicious Knid:
This thread is like a future avatar checklist. :D


--- Quote from: Vermicious Knid ---This thread is like a future avatar checklist. :D
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I just had that Ackbar alt from ENW pop in my head posting "It's a trap!"


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