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What OSR games don't use D&D as its foundation?

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Whitehack 3e fits your list. Fantastic game.


--- Quote from: Shawn Driscoll on June 21, 2022, 09:02:36 PM ---
--- Quote from: Pat on June 21, 2022, 07:16:30 PM ---I think you have a very weird definition of OSR. You're being extremely specific and restrictive, while at the same time rejecting one of the more fundamental aspects of the OSR. Don't think you can really have both.

But you could always take a look at ZEFRS. It's a clone of the old Conan RPG from TSR, using a variation of the universal table that showed up in MSH instead of being based on D&D. There are also a handful of clones of The Fantasy Trip, though they've become less relevant since it's back in print. You could also look up the various Traveller-inspired fantasy variants, like Wanderer or Mercator. Otherwise, it sounds like you want something like Dungeon World, which is more OS-inspired than OSR proper.

--- End quote ---

Pat doesn't know what OSR is. Because Pat.

--- End quote ---

Oh, nevermind. I'm done with tolerating shit like this. Fuck you.

Well how do you define old school? Is it just a generic term? Do you define it by a time period?  What period? 1980 and before?

If you define old school as early edition DnD then obviously only early DnD clones will meet your definition.

If you go by time, early traveller clones meet your definition.

OSR started as D&D early editions. But the thing becomes muddy pretty fast, because DCC isn't D&D but you won't find many who argue it's not OSR. So what is OSR? Take your pick of the ensuing flame war.

Traveller -> Cepheus Engine (has lots of adaptations to not sci-fi genres) For instance.

Eric Diaz:
By your definition of OSR (which seems a bit unique), Mythras might be a good bet (or other Runequest derivatives).

Runequest was published in 1978, so it is a good candidate for retrocloning.

EDIT: not that's EASY to define OSR. I once asked in the OSR subreddit and people rolled their eyes... there is no single answer, and some common answers (rulings not rules) seems to exclude AD&D, for example.


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