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What OSR games don't use D&D as its foundation?

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Tubesock Army:

--- Quote from: ronwisegamgee on June 21, 2022, 06:44:36 PM ---Greetings, folks.

I just started working on an Old-School Gaming supplement for the Quick & Dirty RPG System and I was wondering what OSR games are out there that don't use a variation of pre-3rd edition D&D as its foundational system?

While the sacred cows of D&D have been a bedrock of most OSR games that I've come across (classes, six ability scores, hit points, levels, saving throws, armor as damage avoidance, etc.), I believe that those components themselves are not absolutely necessary, as is demonstrated by DM Scotty's TTRPG, EZD6.

What I think is vital to OSR gaming are the following:
- A group of adventurers exploring dungeons, where they fight monsters, avoid traps, solve puzzles, find gold and loot, and become more powerful (or dead) in the process.
- Having a setting to explore in the pursuit of one's goals, rather than following a plot laid out by the DM.
- Life is cheap and combat is war, not sport.
- The greater your deeds, the greater your renown, and the more territory you have influence or control over as you get more powerful.
- Magic is costly and is not taken for granted when used (especially at lower levels).
- Complete recovery from injury takes a while (not with one night's rest) and the opportunities to recover are not easily accessible nor guaranteed when you're adventuring.
- Probably more stuff that I haven't thought of yet but still doesn't require a D&D-esque system in the slightest.

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Tunnels & Trolls ticks most of these boxes. The exceptions are: one, no domain management. And two, it isn't until the newest edition that you get any substantive description of the world at large. So, it misses the second and fourth of your bullet points. Other than that, it's the second commercially published RPG, and unlike some games, the rules have stayed sufficiently similar as to be compatible across all editions. And it definitely doesn't use D&D as a base.

D&D versus OSR...

A lot of those "favorite" old Dungeons & Dragons dungeons are stupid Convention modules where you're competing with other teams to find the most loot in the least amount of time, so there's a lot of actual garbage in there when it comes to sensible world building. (Pregens = a baseline set of performers, so that the Murder Hobo competition could be "fair" and "balanced".)

OSR is just a different era of adventure concepts, where Murder Hobo game-mastery isn't the same driving ambition. Old school death traps in old D&D days were a way to differentiate between competitive groups of Murder Hobos at gaming conventions, not just to create TPKs for the heck of it.

So OSR Simply means D&D clones? Here I’d thought it was any RPGs we played in the mid ‘70s to mid ‘80s.


--- Quote from: Timothe on July 19, 2022, 08:33:54 PM ---So OSR Simply means D&D clones? Here I’d thought it was any RPGs we played in the mid ‘70s to mid ‘80s.

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