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What is the Best WOTC Edition of D&D?

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Steven Mitchell:
Easily 5E (core only) + the first two Kobold Press monster collections.  I have Xanathar's and would use it occasionally, but not any of the player stuff.  Many of the options turned on to make the whole thing grittier than the defaults. 

That's what I was running as my go to game until WotC made me so sick of them I couldn't even do that any more.  I don't want to be the one encouraging another 30 plus people to buy the Players Handbook.  When the current jerks running the company are all out on their asses or the D&D license passes to someone else, I might run it again someday.  Maybe.  6 books don't take up all that much room on the shelf.

Lord Dynel:
For me, it's 3.5 D&D.  It's got everything we want.  I know it gets bloated with supplements and accessories, and third-party stuff.  But that's only if you let it.  We stick to mainly the PHB and maybe a handful (a couple of the Complete books, that's about it) of supplemental books, and that's the way we roll.  My table likes the flow of combat, multiclassing (believe it or not), skill point allocation, and most of my players like how the races and classes are built. 

We like 5e, also.  But we have problems with the "sameyness," - to us, the classes start feeling the same after a while.  The core mechanic is great, really.  But the bloat...Jesus.  I mean, we have the same choice as we do in 3.5 (ignoring what we don't want to use) but the group just prefers 3.5 more.  Well, it's about 50/50, really, so we can't lose either way.

Thorn Drumheller:
Yeah, It'd be core 5e for me as well.

I embraced 3.0 when it came out but stuck with it too long. I ended up hating the supplement mill, endless prestige classes, feats etc. I will say that the OGL gave rise to some good stuff.

4e was a joke for me. Just wasn't D&D.

But I liked 5 when it came out. But WotC had to wokify a good thing. Ah well. I'm glad I have the OSR.

For me it's 5th edition.

3.0 and 3.5 made me run away from D&D with it's overcomplication and the fact I truly believe the designers wanted to turn D&D back into Wargame.

4th edition was D&D the MMORPG which I could already plan on my computer with out dice, character sheets or other people.

So yes, 5th edition.  Though something could be said about the original red box edition.

David Johansen:
I guess I'm going to say core 3.0 but really, I just dislike WotC's design ethos, graphic design ethos, and general philosophy.  The best D&D of the WotC era is OSRIC.


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