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What do you want in resources/sourcebook for a game you've already purchased?

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Say you've already purchased a game that is reasonably complete and playable, what additional resources would you like for it?

Some examples;

Cool new powers/classes/character options?

New setting details?

Expanded GM tools.

Combination of all the above?

Or something else?

Ways to tweak the core rules to get exactly what I want from the game.

I prefer books that let you expand on one area of the game, in new powers, GM tools, and setting.  That way if I like that area I can get that suppliment.  I don't want them assuming I'll buy everything that comes out.  Some books like this that I rather liked was The Draconomicon for D&D and Magic Box for Buffy.

For me it would be new powers and then GM tools.

Levi Kornelsen:
Free support downloads.  Small ones, like character sheets, GM worksheets, a demo adventure.

And nothing else.  Literally.  I don't like actual supplements.


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