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What do you want in resources/sourcebook for a game you've already purchased?

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Zombie Hunter Woz:
for a sci-fi tech-based game i like to see supplements that have updated gear and such (TRs for battletech, for example).  other than that, not much.  i would say setting specific details, but i rarely use *stock* settings anyways so that would be kinda pointless...

and ditto the free downloads; im a neat freak when it comes to gaming so al the little tables and charts i can get make me happy...

Xavier Lang:
I want a box of pieces I can use or not use without concern.  I want the new pieces to be matching in power.


I want a new place, idea or way to play the game that doesn't add to the rules, complexity, or require me to retool by hand everything else to make it work.

Example: #1  I don't like books full of new feats and prestige classes for 3.5 D&D that are so much better than any of the old stuff.  In 2nd edition D&D I didn't like how the complete handbooks made there group more powerful as time went on.  The rework the Gnomes and Halflings got compared to the Dwarves was obscene.

#2 I loved Dark Sun from 2nd Ed D&D but it was difficult to use out of the box without going over spell lists with a fine tooth comb and figuring out how you were going to handle psionics rules that weren't robust enough for what they tried to do.

Phantom Stranger:

--- Quote from: Levi Kornelsen ---Free support downloads.  Small ones, like character sheets, GM worksheets, a demo adventure.

And nothing else.  Literally.  I don't like actual supplements.
--- End quote ---

As a business model though, it falls apart and kills the system.

However I lik the idea of the small additions, worksheets and the like.  Add on a potential world book, adversary book (if nothing else it gives you the examples to work your own if you must) and ways to expand the game.

Supplements that let you change things -- a new setting, a new genre, variant rules.  The 3e Unearthed Arcana is my favourite 3.5 splatbook and probably my most used book besides the core 3.  Even though half the stuff are things I'd never use, the other half are things that I use all the time.

So, not more of the same, but something different.  If WotC put out a book with a bunch of feats and prestige classes and none of them were directly tied into combat, that would be fresh and new and "better" than what they do put out (more of the same, cranked up to 11).

Levi Kornelsen:

--- Quote from: Phantom Stranger ---As a business model though, it falls apart and kills the system.
--- End quote ---

If the book is treated as "evergreen" (always in print) and has an active user base providing material such as new characters, locations, and so on, it can avoid most of the problems associated with that.


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