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Whaaa! My Rogue Sucks! Whaaaaa!

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Rogues have always been my favorite class.  So when I converted to D&D 3rd edition (now 3.5) so long ago - I feel my favorite class got the short end of the stick.

I mean - every class has something special about it... wizards & sorcerers: duh.  Fighters: kickin' all that ass.  Everyone.

But all the rogue's abilities have been given up for everyone to have a little of.  My favorite archetype has been watered down.  I've read some of the posts about class balance from WotC... and don't buy it.  If you want some magical abilities - you take levels of Wizard.  If you want to be able to wear some armor and kick a lil butt ya take levels of Fighter.  But anyone who wants to sneak, pick locks, hide, etc. can just spend some of their skill points?  Not fair.

If D&D wanted to abandon some of the archetypes they should have done so by breaking them all down - not my precious Rogue.  :mad:

Anyone else feel this way?  Or am I just being a big baby?


--- Quote from: CleanCutRogue --- But anyone who wants to sneak, pick locks, hide, etc. can just spend some of their skill points?  Not fair.

--- End quote ---

So?  In practice, it's generally easier to take a few levels of rogue.  Most of the thiefly skills are cross class for most classes.  Plus, most classes don't have the skill points to get more 1-2 thief skills beyond their needed skills.

But the rogue class is somewhat watered down.  Their thing has become lots of skill pts and access to most skills.  It's essentially an expert with sneak attack added on.

Most of the fighterish feats are open to everyone, the main limitation are those with with BAB prerequisites.  It's really only the spell casters who can't be duplicated without taking the class.

You're just being a big baby.  Sure, anyone can pick up a rogue skill or two, but if you aren't a rogue you might have noticed that skill points are a wee bit hard to come by.  Hell, I always gave everyone an extra 2 and people still made rogues.

The great thing now is how well rogues and warrior classes multi together.  Fighter/Rogue is by far my favorite 3e character type - between the skill points and the feats you have all kinds of cool shit to do.  Rogues are one of the best classes in the game.

Goddamn... there's more to rogues than skillpoints and sneak attacks.

Uncanny Dodge, Evasion (and Improved), Crippling strike, Skill Mastery (ONLY high level rogues have the option to pick a bunch of skills and be able to take 10 whenever THEY want)...

Rogues are quite cool.

And there's a few options out there that make a rogue truly shine, such as Staggering Strike. I'm currently building an Invisible Blade, and will take Staggering Strike as soon as I can. My Dm will despise me. :D

If you're pissed at undead and constructs, you can always take a level of Sorceror and a level of Favored Soul. With the proper swift casting 1st level spells, you'll be able to sneak even these.

Why not post the conversion?


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