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Venger Satanis Book Facing Censorship, Again

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So Venger Satanis has had his latest book suspended because of "offensive" political content. But meanwhile, the other side's content on the exact same issue is allowed!
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Rob Necronomicon:
Good vid!

Okay, I'm not going to go down the political black hole again, and it's safe to say that everyone knows my pro-abortion stance within the 12-week time period.

That said, NO GAMING MATERIAL SHOULD BE BANNED (even temporarily) even if I or anyone else disagrees with the message. It's only an elf game for fucks sake.

Plus I want the product now I like Venger's stuff.

Thanks. Please share the video!

Rob Necronomicon:

--- Quote from: RPGPundit on May 14, 2022, 10:22:38 AM ---Thanks. Please share the video!

--- End quote ---

Will do!


Thanks for making the video, Pundit.  BTW, I'm not a pro-life absolutist, and happy to talk compromise and exceptions... rape, incest, life of the mother, etc.

The cover art is the only illustration in the PDF.  It's 8 pages long (including the cover and credits at the end), so not a ton of content to go through.  Unfortunately, everyone at DriveThruRPG has gone home for the weekend.  They will review it this coming week and make a decision.

The Cha'alt adventure in question is called The Good Syma'arian.  If anyone has additional questions, just ask!



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