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[True20] Two New Powers: Mineral & Crystal Shaping

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This is not a "bump", honest. :p  I could not use the "edit" on the initial post for some reason. I got some tips and clarified the language and added DC checks to some of the uses. I think this will do it.;)

Mineral Shaping
This power enables the adept to channel forth elemental energy from the elemental plane of Mineral. You can use Mineral Shaping to summon forth minerals and metals to produce an array of effects:
Detect Minerals & Metals: You can divine the location of a single type of ore or mineral deposit per casting. You detect any instances of the mineral or ore in question within 20 feet + 5 per level. This Power is centered on you, and moves with you for the duration (1 round per caster level).
Metal Shape (DC 15): You can form an existing piece of non-magical metal into any shape that suits your purpose. For example, the adept can fashion a metal weapon, a special trap-door, or a crude idol. While metal coffers can be thus formed, metal doors made, and so on the fineness of detail is not great; it is crude but functional. Nothing can be created with moving parts.
Rock Door: You can pass through solid stone as though it was an open door. The jump can be made through any stone surface (not sand or soil), and must also end at a stone surface. Walls can be used, as can floors and ceilings. You can also enter a large rock and reappear through another sizeable rock in the distance. The size of stone so entered must be approximately the size of the adept or greater. It takes a full-round action to make the journey, and you can reappear through any stone surface within line of sight from the point of the Power's casting (or simply "jump" through a rock wall). If the rock is more than 20 feet thick, it may not be passed through using this Power.

Crystal Shaping
Prerequisite: Mineral Shaping
This power enables the adept to manipulate crystals to create fantastic effects.
Crystallomancy (DC 15): This spell causes a clear or translucent crystalline gemstone to serve as a scrying device. The gemstone becomes similar to a crystal ball. The gemstone holds these properties for 1 hour, during which time it adds a +5 to Scrying checks made while using the gem. If used in conjunction with an actual crystal ball, it adds a +10 to Scrying checks.
Crystal of Absorption (DC 15): You take a small crystal and imbue it with magical power so it floats near you. The next time you are the target of a Power that is cast at or below your level, the attack is absorbed in full by the Crystal, which then disappears. If the Power is above your own level, the Crystal of Absorption is dispelled and the spell affects you normally. Only one Crystal of Absorption can be active at any one time, and creating it is a full-round action.
Crystal Prison: This spell causes the body of the target to be encased in rapidly-growing crystals. It takes a full-round action for this Power to complete the entrapment of the target. The adept can “hold” the target in this crystal prison for as long as he concentrates. The target takes no damage, but is unable to see or hear clearly while so entombed. Everything looks blurred and sounds are so wildly distorted as to be unrecognizable. While this Power causes no direct damage to the target, the target is basically helpless while trapped in the crystal, and anything that shatters the crystal (Toughness 0) will also deal damage to the trapped target.

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