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Traveller Prime Directive: Is it any good?

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Zocci's are big plastic multipart models. They've been around on and off for a long time. They make decal sets for them too.

ADB makes metal ships in two scales the larger one of which I'm not sure is supported anymore because it was for Mongoose's A Call To Arms: Star Fleet which was sort of a simpler truncated version SFB with bigger models that was supposed to be more casual and beer and pretzels.

Mongoose used to sell big fleet boxes of them with something like 3 frigates a couple of destroyers, a couple of cruisers and a big capital ship. They also had smaller squadron boxes with maybe five ships.

They had Klingons, Romulans, Federation, Gorn, & Kzinti I think.  I never saw any Lyrans or Hydrans or Orion/Wyn boxes at the store. 

A Call To Arms was originally a Babylon 5 warship game with some similarity to SFB though I don't think it had the phased movement it did use SSD's and power allocation rules so ship could be put on an evasive, buttoned up to resist fire, or ready to fire everything posture..

Apparently the SF:ACTA got an expansion and 2nd edition but it seems to be PDF only so I am not clear on how alive this game is.

The SFB minis are bit smaller. You would swap them out easily enough but the smaller model line is more complete being older than the Mongoose crossover ones.


--- Quote from: palaeomerus on October 17, 2021, 07:33:59 PM ---The SFB minis are bit smaller. You would swap them out easily enough but the smaller model line is more complete being older than the Mongoose crossover ones.

--- End quote ---
It's amazing how those metal miniatures from back then had minor flaws and defects, but were still considered great quality.  And today, I can make a higher-quality model on my 3D printer tonight for almost nothing.  The progress is incredible.

Banjo Destructo:
ACTA: Star Fleet got a revised edition for "Book 1" which contains some ships for federation, klingon, romulan, gorn, kzinti, and a few of the orion, tholian, and things like freighters.

ACTA: Star Fleet has a "Book 2" added more federation, klingon, romulan, kzinti, and gorn ships, then kinda revamped the tholian fleet, and orion fleet, and added the seltorian fleet.  There's also more civilian ships and some space monsters.

"Book 3" is being worked on, it should have Lyrans, and Hydrans as new fleets, and some new ships of existing fleets.

ADB has some ships available in the 3D printing store "Shapeways",  in the 3788 Scale (same size as 2400 series),  3125 scale (2500 series released from mongoose), and 7000 scale (about the size of the tokens/markers)

They almost have 2800 items available in their 3d printing store on shapeways.


--- Quote from: King Tyranno on October 16, 2021, 08:35:13 AM ---The marriage of Star Fleet Battles and Traveller was something I didn't know I needed until this point. My nerd boner right now can break steel. I used to love Star Fleet Battles as a kid. Loved the lore especially, it was much better than what we ended up getting in TNG onwards.

--- End quote ---

I loved Star Fleet Battles in the past too, though I gave up on it a while ago.

Even when I was really into SFB, though, I didn't like the design for the original Prime Directive. For one thing, the rules sucked. In addition, though, it had a wonky take on the background. Rather than playing bridge officers like in Star Trek, the PCs were members of "Prime Teams" who were modeled on modern-day special ops - down to having camo outfits and piles of hardware. It seemed very opposed to the Star Trek roots, and didn't make much sense either. They had to jump through hoops so that transporters couldn't be used and to downgrade the power of phasers.

I once used a version of Greg Porters "CORPS" system for Star Trek role-playing while using SFB for the ship battles. Today I'm not sure what I would use. I'd want cinematic hand-to-hand combat, but I wouldn't want a lot of complexity in other systems.


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