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Traveller Prime Directive: Is it any good?

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Shawn Driscoll:

--- Quote from: Imperator;630173 ---I am considering picking up this book given that several of my players and myself are Trek aficionados. What do we know about it? Is it any good?
--- End quote ---

Last I heard, it was going to be a Star Fleet sourcebook using Mongoose Traveller rules (Star Fleet careers and skills).  Unknown what the ship combat rules will be.  GURPS PD used Space 3e rules and SFB rules for its various editions.

David Johansen:
IRRC they mention in GURPS PD that they're just waiting for GURPS Vehicle Design to do the official GURPS ship stats.  sigh

Shawn Driscoll:
They went ahead and published the GURPS 4e PD without waiting for GURPS 4e Space.  But GURPS 4e Space is a different animal all together compared to GURPS 3e Space, anyway.

Did GURPS come out with a Vehicles 4e yet?  I saw at a game store, someone using GURPS 4e Spaceships or Starships (I forget now).  GURPS 4e Traveller might have some spaceship rules that GURPS 4e PD could use?

I think the PD people want us to use SFB for most ship combat though these days.

Shawn Driscoll:
Can someone name a game that took longer than this to be released? D&D 5e didn't take this long. Traveller 5 took forever.

Bureau 13 d20 took ages to come out.

And what about that GMS Kickstarter. Far West?


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