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Theme and tone for my setting


So, I've been thinking for that I should have a focus for my campaign setting and should put it in writing, both for my benefit and that of my players.  Here's the first draft.  Feedback welcome.

--- Quote from: Theme and Tone ---On Albathador, good people accomplish great things and leave legends and legacies for those who come after.  Entropy is a fact of life, though, and all things succumb to decay.  Each successive generation may build on what has come before, but they must fight to preserve it, too.
Demons, devils, and all manner of sinister beings are very real threats.  That doesn’t mean, however, that such evils are always obvious.  Subtlety is their favored weapon.  A slow, creeping corruption can lay low many more souls than can playing purely in strength.

Just as the fiends have their reasons for seeking the shadows, so too do the forces of good.  Whether it is avoiding collateral damage, a desire to use minimal force, a respect for individual choices, or the simple idea of mutually assured destruction, the powerful celestials do not often fight openly on the material plane.

Each side uses the mortal races as intermediaries.  The fiends manipulate pawns with promises of power while the celestials seek out champions of strong character.  As with anything found in the shadows, it’s often difficult to tell one thing from the other.  Did the (apparently) just king rise to power with help?  If so, from who did it come?  Was the mayor’s covert meeting with the thieves’ guild, or was it with a Valkirian Ranger?

Ultimately, the player characters must wade through the gray and decide for themselves where, and with whom, they stand.  Do they want to take the side of those who claim to be good?  Do they want to play with hellfire and hope to not get burned?  Or, do they want to hold off the darkness just enough that they can be left alone – and please stop shining that light in my face?
--- End quote ---

David R:
I like the sound of this setting. I'd draw some stuff from shows/films like Carnivale,Unforgiven, etc. Are you going for an ultimate showdown between good and evil? Or is it going to be more a of slow realization that the battle is endless?

David R

The war is endless, punctuated by important battles.
I want to allow for games with the classic "evil-hating neutrals" of old Greyhawk or even anti-heroes. But, I definitely want a setting that is capable of handling, in a big way, the uber-hero.
Plus, I like demons, subterfuge, and fucking with players' heads. :D

I'm guessing this campaign is going to have less "monsters" than your average game, correct? More of a focus on shadowy organization and their even more shadowy patrons?


I can see your PCs deciding that the spotlight is the worst possible place to be, and "founding" a shadowy organization of their own.


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