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The Torus, a serial numbers filed Ringworld

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--- Quote from: hedgehobbit on June 05, 2022, 08:39:41 PM ---Just googling around and found this article based on some research done on ring system in 2010.

The basic gist is that large numbers of planets co-orbiting is actually more stable than a smaller number (and anything less then 7 is unstable). So a ring of 42 earth sized planets could orbit the sun in the same orbit. Plus you could also put multiple rings of planets in slightly different obits (all in the habitable zone) meaning our sun could possibly have 252 total Earths orbiting it. The actual number is based on the ratio of the bigger body to the lesser body. The higher the ratio, the more objects can remain in orbit because they can be closer to one another.

In this arrangement, each planet would be 100 times further away than our moon. By my calculations, this would make the nearby Earths appear to be about 4% of the size of our moon.

Anyway, that's enough for my off topic idea.

--- End quote ---
Very interesting. The system would still be unstable, but that would be over billions of years, which puts it in the same category as the Solar System. So it appears to be a functional solution. I supposed a planetary procession in the same orbit is just a variation on the "clear their orbit"  requirement for major planets, which is what enabled the Solar System to settle down.

Though unfortunately, the journal article it's based on seems to be behind a paywall.

For material, call it stabilized muoinc matter. Beyond known science.

If you want ideas on building incredible structures read Eon by Greg bear. It goes way beyond this.

It was built as a birdhouse or an ant farm, basically a super intelligence wanted to see how lesser advanced races would use it so they could study them. Maybe they wanted to track the development of intelligence.


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