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Title: The platinum touch
Post by: Kashell on February 06, 2007, 09:09:45 AM
Here's a game, and a setting, that really touches my RPG soul.

Talk about badass. GURPs drops the license because the game is too violent, and then they come up with a really interesting system ( themselves.

The computer game itself is really cool. Not because it's a landmark "ultimate system of amazingness", but because everything matches the game stylistically. All of the menus, screens, UI, etc, all have a feel of the 1950's, complete with fake advertisements, bubble gum comics, and bad radio voices. (Nuka Cola, anyone?)

I've come to realize, over time, that it's these *SAME THINGS* that make roleplay amazing. You remember that one session you did, where you were in the land-of-no-lights and you lit candles in your basement? How about when your GM handed you a map of the area ("Jonny Jon shows you his map") and it really looked like something straight from the world? How about the time you went camping with your roleplay buddies and roleplayed around a bonfire?

Don't get me wrong. These aren't the base things of roleplay at all. But these are the things that really give it the platinum touch. What other kind of things, do you thing, really give something the "platinum touch"?