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Author Topic: [Resources for DM's] Random Role Generators - RoleGenerator  (Read 218 times)


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Hello everybody!

I wanted to share with you the RoleGenerator website. It's a portal with many content generators for medieval fantasy roleplaying games. Right now there are not many modules for specific games (D&D, Pathfinder, etc), but there are some more generic ones. It's 100% free to access and all modules are available.

List of generators and simulators:

Rumour Generator

News Generator

Improvised Character Generator

Loot Generator

Treasures and Rewards

Role Dice Calculator

Magic Will Simulator

Initiative Tracker

Music for Role Playing

Random Tavern and Inn Generator

Cursed Taverns Generator

Random Dungeon Map

Shop Simulator and Bargaining

Random Shop Generator

Continents and Islands Maps

Dungeon Generator

Castle Generator

Arena and Gladiator Generator

Religions and Buildings Generator

Ship Generator

Law and building generator

Trial and Judgment Simulator

Urban core generator

Urban Nuclei Maps

Land and habitat generator

Army Generator

Battlefields simulator

Travel Simulator

The idea of the website is that little by little it will grow, right now it has 28 modules but it has some interesting things.

I hope you like it and that it can be useful in your games!

Best regards :)