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So I'm writing up various Taverns and Inns for the towns and cities in my campaign and I'm looking for ideas.  I'm posting it here in Fantasy because 99% of the stuff posted will not be setting/system specific and I think this could be a good resource for GM's as, hopefully the thread grows.

So here's the plan the more details and plot hooks that you can include the better.  Remember crunch isn't important, detail and fluff is.  A sentence or two about the owner/operator and perhaps a couple of the staff and regulars.

I'll see if I can start it off.

For a Iron DM entry I put together I used something I called the Greenhouse - an inn that was also used as its namesake. Depending on size, you could do something similar, with fruit bearing trees growing inside the building and among the patrons.

Berger King:
A bit of a Robin Hobb ripoff, but...

Inns/taverns see a lot of guests. Suppose the inn was built using stones from some ruined structure. These stones have mystic properties that absorb the memories/emotions/nightmares of guests. Over time these absorbed energies have built up. Now guests are beginning to experience visions/nightmares/vivid dreams of things they've never seen, places they've never been. Perhaps there is even a malevolent manifestation of the energies attacking the guests (a ghost type creature maybe).

Another idea, riffing off of Berger King.

An inn has a reputation for being haunted, and the ghosts there have been known to spin old tales, sing forgotten songs, etc. Occassionally, their whispers lead to lost hoards and other treasures.

For a modern supers game, I'm having the group meet at an extreme sports bar.  The same sort of thing could be ported to fantasy, which generally has a few anachronisms.

Have a tavern devoted to whatever the local sports are, picture of athletes on the wall, crystals that have recordings big games, and a place where local teams go after games to get drunk and sing stupid songs.  The owner would be an ex-superstar of the favorite local sport. The group could be roped into a game of some strange sport - the PCs might have high level abilities for regular combat but will have to learn to adapt them to the sport or be beaten by lower level NPCs with game specific abilities.

Something similar: Depending on the world and location, there might be a bar devoted to adventurers, with odd looking (but generally worthless) relics from tombs and dungeons on the walls.  The place would be full of gossip on who has been to what tomb/castle/lair and what they did/found.  Of course, the real adventurers will be outnumbered by posers, groupies, and conmen taking advantage of adventurers.  The group might hire a NPC to findout that the guy is either just trying to get in the pants of one of the PCs or he is someone who is more into looking good in studded leather than getting into harms way (like Der Fleidermouse (sp?) fromThe Tick).   Most of the gossip will be false but there would be a few real gems of info.


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