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The Hammered Ghost

A medium size tavern in the middle class/working section of the city.  It is situaited in a two story stone building with a slate shingle roof.  The large ironbound front door, which looks like it would be more at home on a castle, is flanked on either side by two sets of tall, narrow stained glass windows that dipict various adventuring and battle scenes.  
The inside is built of large fire blackened beams with a huge six foot fireplace at either end of the room.  A long polished wooden bar covers most of the back wall, only split in the middle by doors into the kitchen and rest of the tavern.  The tavern has a small menu of homestyle and adventuring grub.

Dandar Blackfoot is the half-elven retired adventurer who runs the Hammered Ghost.  The tavern gets its name Dandar's last adventure, a particularly disatorous one, where his adventuring party was hired to destroy a particular malevolent and dangerous ghost.  After the dust settled half the party was dead and the ghosts attacks had permantly aged and weaken Dandar.  Shaken and scarred Dandar had taken his accumulated gains from his adventuring days and opened the Hammered Ghost.  He quietly slipped into the life of a tavern owner.

Maximum Fu:
The Misty Maiden is a small, dingy establishment located in the crumbling wharf district.  With its leaning walls and misshapen roof, and leaded windows that are so grimy as to prevent passerbys from seeing inside, it is a small wonder that anyone knows the Maiden in fact exists.

But they do, and night after night, the sailors and the deckhands, the travelling storytellers, and the ladies who would offer them an evening's company for a pence or two...they all warm the inside of the Maiden.

Mostly, they come to hear the stories and drink the mulled wine of Old Barek.  A sailor by trade and a pirate by reputation, Barek has seen every port in every city this side of the Waveless Sea.  Old Barek loves nothing more than to tell stories at the tables of his patrons, sharing a pipe or two and a glass or three.

---DM Notes---

The above is well-known to anyone who spends any amount of time in and around the wharf area and to anyone who makes a concerted effort to ask about the area's establishments.

Less well known is the fact that Barek has not retired from his reputed trade.  He is a major financier of pirating operations along the coast and is heavily involved in the slave trade, using the cellars of his establishment as a makeshift auction house during off hours.  Though genuinely easy going by nature, Barek is keenly aware that his reputation as a jovial old man with a story to tell is an essential part of his cover and is critical to allow him to continue to operate unimpeded.


--- Quote from: Nicephorus ---For a modern supers game, I'm having the group meet at an extreme sports bar.  The same sort of thing could be ported to fantasy, which generally has a few anachronisms.

Have a tavern devoted to whatever the local sports are, picture of athletes on the wall, crystals that have recordings big games, and a place where local teams go after games to get drunk and sing stupid songs.  The owner would be an ex-superstar of the favorite local sport. The group could be roped into a game of some strange sport - the PCs might have high level abilities for regular combat but will have to learn to adapt them to the sport or be beaten by lower level NPCs with game specific abilities.
--- End quote ---

I recall something similar in Living Imagination's Streets of Silver. The city of Parma has gliator arena, and a district built up around it. There is a nearby bar that has an enchanted "bowl" that shows a scaled down illusion of the action going on in the arena. Patrons and drink in the bar and watch the events, and the victors often show up later to celebrate.

"The Four Winds" is an odd building , even for extravagant Ishtavar;
Located on the juction of four main-streets , deviding as many Guild-sections of the city , it's the central locale of trade there.
Three stories high , this perfectly circular  all-basalt building is topped with an "Onion"-shaped roof of sheet-brass. Its windows are round and made of cured&oiled hog's bladder as to let in the light of day , but not unwanted sight from the streets or nearby other buildings.(Lookig out suffers the same...)

The attick consists of store-rooms , nothing special.(No , really..... ;) )

The second floor is devided in guest-rooms and two "conference-rooms" that have the (deserved) reputation of being completely private. The Innkeeper has to keep up his reputation in this regard and is extremely vigilant about it.

The groundfloor is where it all happens :
The drinking  , the brawling , gambling , tale-telling , singing , copping-a-feel-at-the-waitresses and so on.
The room covers the entire floor ; Four entrances , each one facing one of the four streets that come together at this point , divide the bars that completely encircle the room. Behind each bar , there's  a stairway down to the kitchens and storage-rooms in the basement.

The centre of the room is dominated by a gargantuan open fireplace and its copper chimney that channels the smoke all the way through the roof. (The openings are cleverly hidden so it looks like the "onion" is steaming hot.)
The fireplace certainly reminescences the campfires , the numerous adventures that visit the place , know so well.

Harman Gratha , the innkeeper is a respectable man and safe from the regular gossip and local politics keeps far from any "shady" buissiness. The girls , tending to the guest's needs (sometimes , but not always , in more than the regular way...) may know a little more , but it's in the stables where the real deal is to be found :
Gunther and Lothar , the stable-hands run a wide-spread network of info-gathering , fencing and contraband-handling from between the mules , donkeys and horses.
So far ,they managed to keep Harman completely ignorant about it.(Or do they?....)

And then there's "Old Plum-chewer" ; An old coot , always sitting in the same chair at the same table. A part of the interior himself.
He's normally not very talkative , unless profoundly drunk.
And getting him drunk , is a feat in and of itself : Many a hardened "Bar-Hero" has been drunk under the table by this seemingly fragile and used-up human without him blinking so much as an eyelid.

IF however he's finally had too much , one could pry some very interesting tales from his lips , for he's traveled far and wide in his younger days and has an iron pot for a memory.
All that's needed are the proper questions....

This is going like gangbusters, thanks guys.  :D


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