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--- Quote from: Satyr ---Ah, Marvel SAGA. You know that game ruined all other supers RPGs for me. It's the only one I've played that actually felt like a four-color comic book and nothing else since has come close.
--- End quote ---

A Marvel Saga forum just went up by the way and the mailing list is still active (its no 2 tied with MSH on my list, no 1 is my own game :) ) anyway glad you like Saga though.


I liked the old FASERIP system myself... always wished I'd find other settings using those rules with minor tweaks.

But as to the OP: you picked M&M before I could place my vote, but I think you selected properly.  M&M is a great interpretation of the d20 system, although I am not altogether sure that I like the Power Level system and beginning the game at level 10 (or whatever).


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