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So, a little bit about Soulbound...

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--- Quote from: oggsmash on September 21, 2021, 08:03:46 PM --- I do not know if you are familiar with the boardgames using Age of Sigmar miniatures (the silver tower, shadows over hammerfell) that are essentially dungeon crawlers.   But if so, are the themes similar for the most part in the game, or is it a bit more meta themed as compared to WHFRP (where it seemed most adventures are pretty grounded in helping or accomplishing things on a smaller scale).

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I'm not familiar with any of those, so I couldn't say if they are similar or not.

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  Your other answer sort of covered this.   Basically a specific task to complete, but a good bit of wiggle to do other things as well.   I think I will snag a copy.

One of the key mechanics in the game is Mettle. This is a pool of points based on your character's Soul/2 (round up), possibly modified by certain talents. PCs start with 1-2 Mettle. Mettle refreshes 1 point per turn (up to the character's max). It can be spent to modify dice rolls in a couple of ways, is the fuel for certain talents (especially miracles), and it can also be spent for extra actions. We found that these extra actions were often the most effective way to spend Mettle, and thus most characters perpetually had 2 actions per turn. Only the toughest of enemies (Champions and Chosen) have Mettle, but when they do, they spend it just like PCs (meaning extra actions is usually the best way to spend it).

How do opponents work in Soulbound? Glad you asked!

There are four types of opponents: Minions, Warriors, Champions, and Chosen. Minions are just what they sound like and have pitiful skills and die after taking 1 point of damage. Warriors are competent and even dangerous in numbers, but they tend to have skills individually below that of PCs and they lack both Mettle and the ability to withstand Wounds. Champions are upgunned Warriros with (sometimes much) greater skills and the ability to use Mettle. Chosen are another step highter, can use Mettle, can withstand Wounds, and are generally boss baddies. The core book comes with a reasonable large selection of opponents, bu there is also the Bestiary which puts the vast majority of options from the Age of Sigmar wargame into the RPG.

On a side note, some Minions (usually very weak ones) can form swarms. The mechanic is simple, with the groups pooling Toughness (a swarm of 10 Grots has 10 toughness and a Grot dies for each point of damage suffered). Offensively, these guys get +1d6 per member, so the 10 Grots make a single attack at 12d6 (the base attack of a Grot is 2d6). They don't improve their Melee/Accuracy though, so it's still likely they need 6s to score hits against all but the least combat-capable of targets,

Thanks for the write up, Happy. I played Warhammer back when it was based on Rolemaster / MERP and it was a terrible system. So many players maimed literally in character creation.

This system sounds a lot cooler, and I've always liked the Warhammer world. Might give this a look.

Godfather Punk:
I only played the free Crash & Burn scenario with the starter set rules and pregens, but the players and I had a blast!

Unlike Warhammer, in Soulbound the player are Superheroes. Dealing massive damage, surviving impossible odds, ... (like crashing an airship into a forest fire).
The WarPriest on the team after his normal attack used Mettle almost every round, to Heal everybody in range (both the heroes as the commoners they had to protect), while the Kurnoth Hunter (Treeman Ranger) could rain arrows on the Minions, and the Stormcast Eternal was just a Beast in Combat, taking the 'Tank' role literally. Swarms of Ratmen or Goblins? Bring 'em on!

Definitely a contender for what we'll play next, after our current D&D campaign ends.

Note this is not he Warhammer World, ChrisFox. This is after the apocalypse wiped out the Olde World, Chaos conquered all, and after a thousand years of licking their wounds, the forces of Law are just starting their counteroffensive and have to rebuild the Mortal Realms. No more hobbits, the dwarves are either lava worshipping nudists or steamtech mercantilists, some (Dark) elves remain but most Aelves are either worshippers of Kaine (god of assassins), Treehuggers or underwater dwelling soulharvesters*. I think there are also still some humans around...

*) in the metaplot, the Light Aelves have also just turned up, so if you want to play Glorfindel style elves, and if you buy the Champions of Order supplement, you have that option too.


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