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So, a little bit about Soulbound...

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Also, the second time around we had a War Priest...and it broke the fuck out of the game.

The basic healing prayer, when coupled with the spending of 1 Mettle (and remember you regain 1 Mettle at the beginning of every turn) can heal 5-9 Toughness as an AoE affecting all friendlies in a zone. Often, this is all of the PCs. Bizarrely, AoE damage effects do far less than 5-9 Toughness, often only doing 2-3 before armour is considered--and there is a risk to the caster if the roll goes bad. IOW, it is far easier to spam AoE healing than it is to inflict AoE damage.


--- Quote from: ChrisFox on September 22, 2021, 09:11:02 AM ---Thanks for the write up, Happy. I played Warhammer back when it was based on Rolemaster / MERP and it was a terrible system. So many players maimed literally in character creation.

--- End quote ---

This is a tangent, but what are you referring to here? I had both RM/MERP and WFRP back around first edition (late 80s/early 90s), and the systems were completely different. It's mostly Traveller that is famous for maiming during character creation, and it wasn't a big part of either of those games. I'd heard that some of the more recent mods of WFRP were different, but related to Rolemaster? If we're avoiding a thread derail, what can I be reading to get some capsule history here?

1e RM/MERP: 10 percentile-based stats, many fine-grained skills with 20+ levels possible in each, level-based character class commitment at creation, spending skill points on level-up.
1e WFRP: mix of percentile-based and single-digit-number stats, fewer skills and fewer skill levels, character professions changing over the course of play, spending XP directly on profession-enabled skill/stat changes, not the explicit foregrounded levels.


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