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So, a little bit about Soulbound...

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I read that they have an expansion coming out that will move the setting into another era of the evolving  metaplot. The default game is set during the aftermath of the Necroquake/Soul Wars (most of Age of Sigmar 2e), but the expansion will push it into the Broken Realms/Time of the Beast (end of Age of Sigmar 2e and start of 3e). The timespan between these two is not set, but seems to be centuries...but since Soulbound are immortal, you can move the same group forward if you like or play in the corebook's setting for a long time and never need the expansion.

Chainsaw Surgeon:
Appreciate the analysis.  This is in the running for our next big campaign.  I don't know a lot of the lore and this sums up the concept nicely along with the mechanics. 

Ended the rebooted campaign tonight. I was finding some abilities to be really imbalanced, and when certain characters are built around them, the game gets really unfun (for everyone but that player) very quickly. Some of the spells don't seem bad until you realize that, unlike with D&D, they can just be spammed over and over again. This means that certain "best moves" start appearing as obvious choices, and it makes play really boring for many encounters. Sure, there are ways around it, but there are so many of these holes that show up, that you fill one in and then step right into another. Perhaps with another edition some of these ugly burrs will get filed off.

Well that's disappointing.

Busted-ass mechanics can be present, like the Witch Aelf. This character can use Stealth along with Vanish to hide in plain sight. Now enemies that can't detect her (which is most of them) have Defense reduced to Poor against her next attack. Thanks to Backstab, her attack with a subtle weapon (like a bow or pair of daggers) deals double damage and ignores armour. This meant that she was often doing 6-8 damage per turn with her bow or 10-12 damage with paired daggers. How every turn? Because she had 2 Mettle.

Turn 1
Hide, spend 1 Mettle to Attack, spend 1 Mettle to Hide

Turn 2+

regain 1 Mettle, Attack, spend 1 Mettle to Hide


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