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Skill/feat systems for magic/the force/psionics

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I will start out by saying that I love skill/feat systems for running supernatural powers, whatever name those powers go by.  If anyone is unfamiliar with them, the way they work is that you pick one or more feats and those feats "unlock" supernatural skills.  These skills work like any other skill does; if you make your check, you use your power.  (Some of the systems have limits, like fatigue or subdual damage.)

I think the systems work really good in two situations.  One, you're dedicated to your powers from first level and devote most of your feats and skill points to them.  Two, you're a wild talent, with only one power (like teleportation) that you use to compliment your other abilities.

The place where it falls apart is when you try to be somewhere in the middle.  Darlena is playing a Star Wars character that is a scoundrel/force adept.  Her first level was scoundrel, so she really doesn't have many skill points for force skills.  Her goal was to be half scoundrel and half force adept, but because of the small number of skill points she has, she's more like three quarters scoundrel and one quarter force adept.  None of her force skills is over 3 ranks and she's got a 5th level character.

I've tried to tinker around and figure out a way to correct this problem.  I don't want to make her character an uber leet force warrior -- I just want to make her competant at what she does.

Anyone have any ideas how I could modify things so she has more than a handful of skill points for her force skills, without heading into munchkin territory?

I think Game of Thrones d20 got rid of all the "+2 to two skills" feats and replaced them with a feat that gives a flat number of extra skill points (I think 9). No skill can be raised above maximum for level, but that doesn't seem to be the problem here. Combine that with a feat or something that makes a certain number of skills as class skills no matter what, and a few feats would give the character the ability to excel in an area normally outside the class focus.

Hmm.  That's a possiblity, though I don't know if she could free up a feat.  I'll have to look at her character sheet when I get home.

Actually I was rolling around a skill system possibility that might interest you CZ. basics are similar to Iron Heroes:

Skill Groups and Class skills only. no CC skills exist even.
Each class has specific Defined skill groups: so for rogues Stealth is one that would be on that list.

Each class automatically has a score in their given skill group of level+2.
addidtional skill points per level would be dependent on class, but would in general be reduced. so rogues might be 4+int bonus.  keep the uppler limits on skills the same, and then you've got classes which are automatically proficient where it counts, but can specialize in other areas if they desire.

whaddaya think?

Actually, I am using an Iron Heroes-stylez skill system for my Star Wars game.  I've got the rules at home, though, so I'll have to post it later.

The problem is that Darlena didn't take Force Adept until her 2nd and 4th levels.  So she didn't get any 1st level skill points for her force skills.  My problem here is basically the same problem that a 3.0 fighter/mage with equal levels had -- the supernatural powers should be half as strong, with half as many levels, but they aren't even close to that strong.


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