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Sell me on d6 System

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I played a dozen or so sittings of the WEG Star Wars (Fifth Edition I think?  I dunno) under a deranged game master a while back and certifiably hated it.  Then I was at his house recently and read the book and realized that the system is great and that he was just a dink.

Anyway, I see promise in the system.  Simple, elegant, action-oriented.  I see that WEG has a universal type system out, albiet with three distinct books for genre separation (read: profit reaping).  

Anyone playing it?  Anyone have any sites or experiences with it?  Which genre books are a must-have?

There is no promise, there is no good, there is nothing but crap to the system.  I utterly loathe the d6 system they used for Star Wars, it was headache inducing.

Your experience with that DM will not change with a better one.  :(

I, on the other hand, really like the D6 system. I'm only familiar with it in its Star Wars incarnation though, so I can't really help you with other versions.

D6 is great at low levels soon as you start to power up the die roll mechanic of adding up d6's is just irritating.  If you want to use a similar feel mechanic but is a lot faster and works a hell of a lot better I'd suggest checking out Silcore.  It's a better system overall.

I really like it as well.  In fact, it's my system of choice, too bad it's a little harder to find players.  

If you've played SW, you know the gist of the system, but I'll describe it again for those who may not know.  You have the usual breakdown into Abilities (natural talent) and Skills (learned/trained talents).  Each Ability has a number of skills tied to it.  For example, in the new version you have Coordination ability which governs skills like Marksmanship, Lock Picking, etc.

Instead of a single numeric score, Abilities and Skills have a die code, which is a number of D6s you roll for task resolution.  For example, your die code in Coordination may be 3D, which means you roll 3D6 when attempting a Coordination-related task.  Skills start at the same die code as their controlling ability, but you have skill dice you can assign to raise them beyond that. Your Coordination die code may be 3D, but you might assign 1 skill die to raise your Marksmanship skill, so when you used Marksmanship you would roll 4D6 instead of 3D6.

As far as combat, weapon and armor ratings are given in a similar format.  A rifle with a damage rating of 3D means you roll 3D6 when figuring damage.  Armor with a rating of 2D means you roll 2D6 to figure out how much damage your armor stops.  There are two damage systems to choose from, a Wound tracking system and a Hit Point system (called Body Points).  

I think it's simple and elegant, though possibly a little lacking in flavor, but that can be compensated for with good roleplaying.  It works best for fast-paced cinematic games.  And it's easy to learn, you can pick it up in about 5 minutes (and that includes character creation).

BTW, WEGs Star Wars only had 3 editions (2.5 actually).  First edition had the Star Wars gang on the cover with Luke Skywalker in the front on a black background.  Second edition had a blue cover with Darth Vader on the cover, I believe.  Second edition revised had a black cover with the Millenium Falcon on it.  Second Edition is widely considered the least desirable of the three, but the Revised edition cleaned up a lot of its problems.


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