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Ruh-Roh more allegations!?

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Rob Necronomicon:

After the youtube diatribe and threat I'll just leave this here.  ;D ;D

If you think thats bad you should see what happened to the guy that killed his dog.

"Waaaaaay back in time, on the old email lists for L5R and 7th Sea, JW ruled the roost, and frequently banned people that disagreed with him."

And this is considered a bad thing on how? :o

BTW, the Mods are now firmly in Wonderland.

I purchased several of Wick's 'little' games off of DriveThruRPG. Several of them are seemingly incomplete, as in there seem to be gaps in the rules. Someone commented on this and received a reply along the lines of, 'well, a good gm can still make them work. I guess this isn't for you.'
I decided I didn't need any more of his games.

Please keep anything related to Wick about his behavior to things you've experienced or heard. His approach to game design is irrelevant in this case. Thank you.

Isn't this dude speaking about his direct experience with John Wick's games? And if JW cons his customers with unfinished products isn't this very relevant to this thread?

I fear that's Mod detachment from reality is complete - even from the unreal reality themselves created.

Rob Necronomicon:
It's hilarious that he's trying to get on to our 'red list', but seems to have gotten himself on to the woke scold's one.

Well done Wick. It looks like your candle has finally dwindled.  ;D ;D


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