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RPGs No One Is Playing

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So, which RPGs do you think are not being played anywhere, by anyone, at present? Published RPGs only, obviously, not ultra-obscure games. Games that were released once, but either due to the crapulence of the rules or the stupidity of the setting or just plain bad luck, are not being played anymore?

Mind you, I suspect that a great deal of the non-RPGs that the Forge crowd had developed are not being played, what with the combination of their short shelf-life and the fact that so many Forgers want to talk about Storygames more than they want to play them, but that's an easy mark.



- Aftermath!
- original SPI version of DragonQuest
- Chivalry & Sorcery
- Immortals box set of BECMI D&D
- Gangbusters
- older editions of Bushido
- Twilight 2000
- Cyberspace (by I.C.E.)
- 1st edition of Ars Magica


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- original SPI version of DragonQuest

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I think that this is still being played (at least the 2e version) by at least a dozen people out there.  There's some online support for it.

I doubt that any FGU games are seeing much play these days (Space Opera, Bushido, Aftermath, Psion World, etc.).

I haven't seen anyone play Middle Earth Role Playing in a while. I still have the books somewhere. There was also a Hercules and Xena game released as a boxed set years ago. The game itself wasn't bad. But it was doomed for obvious reasons.


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