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i think that link points to something else?

Hehe brilliant, and flattering to be compared to Zappa (been a while since I'd seen footage of him, forgot just how excellent a human being he was).

At least, I hope to all fuck you were comparing me to Zappa and Curt to the other guy, and not the other way around.

Though there's also a bit of a disconnect in comparing Curt to a religious fundamentalist; but not as much as one would think. Its funny how in the extremes of the right and the left wing both groups start to think very much alike, in the idea that we must be protected from ourselves, it may be different things they want to protect us from (pornography vs. sugar, sex vs. smoking, dangerous books vs. jaywalking or not wearing seatbelts, etc etc) but the sentiment is precisely the same. Which is why guys like Curt can look like such hypocrites when someone suggests that say, decency laws should apply to gay pride marches, and he jumps up in arms about "censorship" even while he's advocating that guys who criticize Rebecca Borgstrom as a B-grade author need to be permabanned. He doesn't seem to get that the two are the same thing.



--- Quote from: Settembrini ---I got kicked off of for organizing mass trolling from my own site, then using a sock puppet account to circumvent suspension. Wahh!
--- End quote ---

Fixed that for ya.

...I didn´t write the above quote.
I got kicked from RPGNet, cause I said borgstrom was a c-grade would be novelist. You are confusing me with AnimalBrasky and making up quotes. Which is either a humor I can´t understand, or just plain impolite.


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