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RPG System for Fantasy Political Settings?

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Does anyone know of a good system for a game similar to Game of Thrones, where players are powerful nobles instead of plucky adventurers? I'm considering a setting based on the Wars of the Roses or Hussite Wars.

I'm aware of the official A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, but I can't say I've heard many positive views of how it plays. I'm considering Burning Wheel or Reign, as they seem to fit this setting well.

Stephen Tannhauser:
The recently released Sword Chronicle is kind of a generic take on the basic GoT idea, i.e. you generate characters not just as free individuals but as members of a noble house with specific connections, obligations and resources, and gameplay is as much about advancing your House's goals as it is about gaining personal power.

As I understand it it's another version of the AGE system, so those familiar with those rules can judge on that basis.

Well... using DTRPG as the pointer.

The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power is a PbtA game that is supposed to be inspired by AGOT. I've tried it. I was not impressed by it. I feel like it's pretty stale as far as PbtA goes. It doesn't really PUSH very hard, IMO. There are playbooks, and hints of a setting drama, but it's very generic. There's way more world-building in Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins, including House politics, and it isn't even made to be an AGOT game.

World-books based on Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins might be more/better in that regard. These really evoke a House, House politics, and playing as scions of a House in a long-running, generation-spanning game. Free From the Yoke (based on the historical Rus when they were freed from the Tartar Yoke) and Legacy: Godsend (where your individuals are avatars of the god, like the Red Woman)... these might be better. "Free from the Yoke" might be best. Just replace the Tartar Yoke with the Targaryens (especially since the game doesn't specify the Tartars, and instead has a generic "Empire" that you can fill with your own ideas), and you have something that could be like the 7 Kingdoms.

In Age of Anarchy, you're playing nobles in the court of a Lord in Norman England. Support your lord, sabotage rivals, etc.

There's Houses of the Blooded, of course. That's been around a while. He wrote it as the anti-D&D. Instead of being house-less Murder Hobos, you're playing the leaders of noble Houses. You have peons who do the murdering for you. That's the point.

Oh, and the DUNE RPG from Modiphius... although the House side of the game is poorly implemented at this point. Nascent. They should flesh it out later, and the potential is there for greatness. It just ain't there yet.

Classic Traveller, Mongoose Traveller 1e, and Cepheus Engine can handle political games easily. Most of the other Traveller versions can as well.

So can Mekton II and Mekton Zeta.

Also d6 Star Wars, any version.


--- Quote from: jeff37923 on July 03, 2022, 01:12:32 AM ---Also d6 Star Wars, any version.

--- End quote ---

My preference would be D6 System, yes - Mini Six or D6 Space/Adventure/Fantasy depending on the genre. Alternative would be BRP such as Pendragon, Runequest, maybe Call of Cthulu. I would not use a Storygame as I would want to maximise you-are-there immersion. D&D based systems provide a lot of support elements for domain play, eg ACKS has good stuff, but I think class & level-based systems are overall not a good choice for intrigue, and D&D in particular is too high magic. D&D handles Ned Stark & Jamie Lannister & Jon Snow & Arya type PCs, but is terrible for Margaery or Oleanna Tyrell. For me D6 is the perfect mix of generic & action design; BRP is perfect for grittier stuff like GoT season 1-2.

edit: in practice I incorporate a lot of politics and intrigue into my D&D games; PCs go from landless mercenaries to movers and shakers, with lands and titles. But this is very different from starting out as eg Caityln Stark; IMC the Caitlyn Stark types are NPCs, where Littlefinger looks like a PC.


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