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Reddit gamers were mad they lost an easy means of pirating TTRPGs

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There is a line of literature on patent buyouts that seems all about altering the monopoly window to zero time protection. There are nitty gritty details snd government failure risks, but worth looking at more. I only skimmed the surface.


--- Quote from: Chris24601 on October 12, 2021, 11:19:15 AM ---As someone who is creative, the only reason I can see for wanting someone else’s IP is to try and piggyback off the previous work and effort of others instead of putting in the work to develop my own material.

--- End quote ---
Well, except you haven't come up with a single solitary new idea.  I can say that with 100% certainty, not even having read anything you wrote.  That's true for every "creative" endeavor.  The fact is, there hasn't been a truly unique and new idea for the last couple of hundred years.  Everything today is built on layers and layers of previous ideas.  Why should you get to profit off of the idea of a role-playing game?  You didn't invent that idea.  You are using it without paying the people who developed it a thing!  Your iteration of it might combine old ideas in new and/or interesting ways, but I guarantee you that I can find an expression of everything you write, in general, somewhere previously.  Now, I have no problem with you getting a short-term monopoly on profiting off of your work, just to encourage you and others to do that work.  But you have no more of a "right" to your ideas than do the people you stole them from...


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