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Author Topic: Ravenloft Bans Alignment, Drow Now Good, Soulless Worlds Result  (Read 9263 times)


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Re: Ravenloft Bans Alignment, Drow Now Good, Soulless Worlds Result
« Reply #345 on: June 15, 2021, 09:26:30 PM »
Thanks, and it does give me some idea of your approach. Like I said, I think you're incorporating a lot of what I'm describing without realizing it, or without realizing how you've changed things from the gothic horror tradition, because you're describing a fairly standard D&D campaign with some gothic elements.

1-2 combats per adventure, few magic items, and few dungeons seems pretty far removed from a "fairly standard D&D campaign" in my experience?
Feels very much like several campaigns I've been in though. Different groups play D&D differently and always have. This should not be news to anyone.
Yep. Plus, if someone thinks that's far from the D&D experience, it makes it sound like D&D is all they've played.