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Pure role-playing vs team work

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There is time pure role-playing can really get in the way of team work for a group.  Do you think the GM should disallow character concepts that would create such a conflict, or should they be allowed to work out via player conflict if necessary or should role playing suffer?

Along the same vein it creates a problem at times with introducing a new character.  Often trust and full shares, etc. would be hard to justify to a new party member.

Vermicious Knid:
I prefer role-playing conflicts that can take place within the team dynamic without derailing things. Two characters that snipe at eqach other constantly? All good. Two characters that compete? Usually fine. A character that refuses to cooperate with the team or help out in fights due to "role-playing"? Asshat.

I allow for internal conflict. It seems more real when yopu have it.

Minor disagreements and rivalries are fine but I don't care for character concepts that are complete loners who want to stay that way, are secretly trying to kill everyone else in the party, things like that.  

If a character is too extreme, I let the player know that I'm not going to force the other players to metagame and accept the character.  They are free to vote him out, kill him, or whatever.

Yeah if the roleplaying breaks the team dynamic so bad that it interfers with he game as a whole then its bad.  Some drama is okay, but if your playing your character to the complete detriment of the party bad things are going to happen to you.


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