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(Planescape) Magical Alteration on the planes?

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Sojourner Judas:

--- Quote from: Aelfinn ---I really like the spell keys/power keys idea. I'm snagging them, if you don't mind, SJ.
--- End quote ---
Hey, not my idea. Lifted straight from Planescape :)


--- Quote from: Sojourner Judas ---Hey, not my idea. Lifted straight from Planescape :)
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I have the planescape box sitting somewhere around here, but it's been years since i've payed any attention to it. I just felt like it wasn't my thing, at the time it was coming out, so I never did collect it.


--- Quote from: Sojourner Judas ---Planescape rocks and spell keys/power keys are teh shiznit! :D
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I understand, and completely agree with all that. I really enjoyed Planescape's take on planar magic and I really want to play up the differences between divine and arcane magic, which is I why I'm loath to use the arcane alterations all around. I just find the existing mechanic for divine magic kind of blah. But, until something better come up I'll just go with it I guess.

I'm not actually too fond of the "screw the priest" rules in either 2e Planescape or Spelljammer (in Spelljammer, priests had problems with spells in any crystal sphere where their god didn't have any worshippers). They discourage people from playing priests, because your main class ability becomes highly undependable. The rules would be OK for a prime-based campaign that takes an occasional jaunt into the planes, but if you're going to have a Planescape-based campaign those rules should preferably be ignored, or people will just try to work around them (Planescape mentioned that the Celtic pantheon was popular among planars because they lived on the Outlands, which meant that their priests almost never lost more than one caster level).

i could be wrong, but i think that mechanic was devised in the 1E MotP...


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